Understanding the Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning:

One of the most prominent items of décor that become visible as soon as you step into a home is the carpet and even though it lies on the floor, it is the most discernible because of its color, prints and designs. But unfortunately it is the carpet that gets dirty faster than other things at home and that is why it is necessary to ensure that you have a good and efficient carpet cleaning service provider in the locality. Firstly when choosing your carpet cleaning service provider, it is best to consider two factors. One is the condition of the carpet and the extent of the cleaning it requires and secondly you need to understand the different methods of cleaning services that the cleaning agency is efficient in. Some of the important methods include:

Hot Water Extraction: a very popular and effective method used by most carpet cleaning services, the method involves various stages of cleaning. Also known as steam cleansing, the method employs a high pressure jet spray of a cleaning solution made up of hot water and a cleansing agent. The jet spray of hot liquid is highly effective to   remove huge masses of dirt and stubborn stains on the carpet. Passing through the various stages of cleaning procedures make the carpet spotless and completely dust free at the final stage.

Bonnet Cleaning Method: is a very effective method especially to remove oily and sticky stains. Absorbent pads on a rotating machine are used to completely clean the inside of the lower end of the filers leaving   the carpet free of the stains and dust. Since less water is used in this method, this is a better option in regions where water is scarce.  A disadvantage in implementing this procedure is that the cleaning process does not favorably affect the base of the carpet.

Foam Cleaning: is a more popular and common method as the chemical is not directly used but foam is used instead. A vacuum cleaner is used to remove the foam along with which the dirt and the dust too get absorbed away. Though this is a very popular method, it has its disadvantages too as the cleaning process is continuous and takes a long time. There is a possibility for the foam to dry up along with the dust and dirt if left without attending on it. So as soon as the cleaning process is complete, it should be dry-cleaned. This has extremely good results.

Absorbent Compound Cleaning: is a more effective method when the carpet is laid out in commercial areas. The large areas of the office premises need to look clean at all times and this method is quick and can be done very frequently. It does not need a waiting time for the cleaning compound to act on the dirt. Moreover, since, carpet in commercial areas does not get soiled so much, this method is most convenient. After the powder has been sprayed, a vacuum cleaner does the rest of the job in a few minutes.

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