Pricing carpet and domestic cleaning

Pricing the services is very complex for many reasons:

First of all there is a matter of getting good value for a customer that will be appreciated and that will allow to deliver best service possible. We in Dmcarpet clean believe that exceeding customer expectations is very important and that this will bring more happy customers to our services.

I would like to take this opportunity and have a look at the upholstery cleaning service that we provide, those are complex in nature to price. First of all there is situation that customer may have other carpets to clean and by this price for the unit of furniture will be reduced to deliver best value for our customer and this same way we can have satisfaction guaranteed for them. However when there is a situation that there is only three piece sofa to be cleaned and some other small carpet then reduction in price would not take place for the reason of time that has to be spend on site to conduct the cleaning.

Other situation that can be complex is when there stairs in the house with regular carpets in it as well, this is rather straight forward situation on the first glance. However because stairs can be variable in substantial manner with many different types of stains and because we want to provide best service for the customers we do not visit properties before pricing. Sometimes there is a situation that stairs are taking substantially more time than they should and this is consuming much of the time dedicated for the house. However we always ensure that the best quality is delivered for our customers on every occasion to satisfied and exceed the expectations.

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