How to extend the life of your carpet

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When you put up new carpeting in your house, you expect it to be a venture that should keep going for a long time. With a rough use of the carpet by children, gatherings, and pets that love to share your space, stains can catch up easily. Here are a couple of floor carpet cleaning guidelines for effective living that may help guarantee the lifespan of your carpet.

Though you won’t have the option to make your carpets last a lifetime, regardless of how hard you attempt. Nonetheless, if you need to guarantee that it keeps going as long as might be possible, you have to observe a couple of general guidelines.

Floor Mats

Using floor mats within and outside of each passage is an incredible method of keeping your carpet away from dirt. Simply remember to clean these as well.

Incessant Vacuuming

Perhaps the simplest approach to control the amount of soil and dirt that gathers on your carpet is to vacuum it. Everyday vacuuming may appear to be a difficult task on your own, however, it really can help remove dirt and hair particles that would somehow subside into your floor carpet strands.

Stain Protector

Using a floor carpet stain protector offers a layer of assurance against dirt, water, microorganisms, and oil and water-based stains. Regardless of whether you purchased your floor carpet with a stain defender included, it wears out over time and needs to be applied after each expert cleaning.

Eliminate Spots Right Away

To diminish the probability of lasting stains, make certain to clean spots and spills immediately. Ensure you smudge, don’t scour!

Household  Dusting

Dust residue that keeps accumulating over time. Like sweeping your floor, dusting your carpet each day will help remove trapped dirt that lands on your floor and your carpet.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air goes through your home’s HVAC framework and into the air conduits. Microbes, dust, and allergens are frequently caught in this space and in the end clear their path through your home’s air vents and onto the carpets. Having your air pipes expertly cleaned decreases dust and improves air quality.

Regular expert Cleaning

Expert guidelines suggest that you professionally clean your floor carpets with high temp water every 1.5 years. It will make your rugs cleaner, more beneficial, and dependable; and it will likewise shield your floor carpet from expiring way too early.

Break Carpet Maintenance

Customary expert cleaning of carpets isn’t the only time you should clean your floor carpets. Break Carpet Maintenance refers to the rug cleaning that needs to be done in between the timings when professional cleaning is not being done.


To guarantee the best floor carpet life and appearance, you should have a decent upkeep plan that incorporates appropriately applied cleaning methods, arrangements, gear and abilities and a regular timetable. Lastly, don’t let your carpet stay unclean with spills for a long time. It will become next to impossible for you to bring the carpet back to its original charm. Follow these steps even when you don’t hire a professional carpet cleaner to ensure the best for your carpet.


How to Remove Flower Pollen from Carpet?

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Whether it is a commercial sector or residential, using carpet is more common these days. People use different materials of carpet in their surfaces to add beauty to the interior. According to the interior or color scheme, people go for light or dark shades. It is light or dark, like other equipment, the carpet also needs proper maintenance or cleaning. It is not always possible for the user to clean it by own. To not make this a headache, many professional cleaning service providers are there. Let’s have a look at how they clean, and who is the best service provider in your locality.

How to Remove Flower Pollen from Carpet?

Flower pollen stains are disreputably tough to remove from any surface, especially from the carpet. However, there are many do-it-yourself tricks or techniques on YouTube or social media sites such as sticky-tapes or sello-tapes, using oxygen-based bleach, usual wash, and more. But, are you aware of it? If you will not do it in the right procedure, it may also damage your carpet. To stay away from damage, contact a carpet cleaning service provider. A professional and experienced team applies a wide range of cleaning methods when tackling dirty rugs and carpets. Few of them are –

  • Steam cleaning – It is a usual process of cleaning carpet. In this process, hot water has been using to inject into the carpet under pressure. Once the water has been inserted, it helps the material to loosen the dirt effectively. Then, the carpet cleaning machine drains the moisture and dirt immediately. In the case of heavy stains or dirt, the detergent might be used.  
  • Dry cleaning – As the name sounds, it is a no-water cleaning procedure. In this method, the carpet dries more quickly than any other method. During cleaning, the technician sprays a small amount of an absorbent compound over the carpet, and to clean it from the carpet he/she uses a mechanized brush.
  • Shampooing – Many professional cleaners use this method, to clean a carpet. It is not the usual shampoo we use in daily life. It is a foamy chemical professional use while cleaning. They use a motorized circular brush to scrub it. If the carpet is heavily soiled, low-pile, this is the best method.

If you are taking service from a professional team, it has many more advantages. Excluding removing the flower pollen from carpet, they can also guide you on how to maintain it further. Professional service can also eliminate trapped pollutants, clear out dust mite infestations, help to prevent mold growth in a single service.

Why DM Carpet Clean?

DM carpet clean is a leading carpet cleaning service provider in Cardiff. We understand the value of your objects so provide quality cleaning service with great quality equipment. We have an expert team of cleaners who have years of experience in the same profile. Apart from this, we also offer sofas cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more services. If you want to know more about our services, visit


How to prepare your house for a carpet cleaner? And what to do after carpet cleaner leaves.

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Despite the wide assortment of carpet surface items now accessible—cover, bamboo, tile, vinyl, wood, stone, and plug—carpeting floors in households is still strangely and amazingly famous. Carpeting looks stunning in any household but carpeting comes with its rigorous maintenance requirements unlike other floor options. You have to get your carpet cleaned by professionals from time to time, and also maintain the cleanliness of the rug  on your own on a regular basis. Here are some must-follow tips if you have hired a professional carpet cleaner for maintenance.


  1. Vacuum

Eliminating as much dirt and earth from the carpet preceding a cleaning can help guarantee your carpet cleaner centers performs its job flawlessly. Some carpet cleaning administrations vacuum the rug before starting their work. Others will depend on you to do the work. Ask your carpet cleaning frankly from beforehand whether you have to vacuum before they show up.

  1. Clean baseboards and HVAC registers

Not cleaning your baseboards of HVAC registers before the carpet cleaner’s arrival won’t hinder their activity in any capacity. However, you should take care of these errands. Freeing the cleaning zones from soil and dust can help guarantee the floor covering doesn’t become grimy rapidly following a cleaning.

  1. Eliminate delicate and important things

Porcelain chips, fine china, collectibles and some other possibly delicate or weak things ought to be taken out from the cleaning zone and put in a sheltered territory.

While many carpet cleaning organizations completely screen and vet their workers, it’s likewise a smart thought to eliminate any things of significant worth from rooms.

  1. Move furniture

Your rug cleaner may offer a rebate for zeroing in on high pedestrian activity zones or tidying up a room that is vacant. Then again, you might need to guarantee your floor covering is thoroughly spotless from one end to the other. A few organizations charge an amount for moving furniture, but others will depend on you. So, talk beforehand and get some information about furniture moving when closing a deal.


When you get your floor covering expertly cleaned, keeping it clean becomes a problematic issue. Consider these tips to keep your carpet clean after an expert rug cleaning.

  1. Don’t Step

Never stroll across wet carpet. Permit the carpets to dry completely after getting your carpet professionally cleaned. Ideally, don’t allow children, pets, or other family members to come near the vicinity. To avoid dirtying your floor and carpet as well to increase the longevity of the carpet, this is important.

  1. Vacuum Regularly

Do you vacuum only when your rug appears as though it needs vacuuming? Keep your carpet clean for long after an expert carpet cleaning session by vacuuming regularly, regardless of whether you think the rug needs it or not. Vacuuming eliminates earth and particles you may not see. Vacuuming routinely additionally helps eliminate poisons stuck on its surface.

Lastly, don’t let your carpet stay unclean with spills for a long time. It will become next to impossible for you to bring the carpet back to its original charm. Follow these steps whenever you hire a professional carpet cleaner to ensure the best for your carpet.


Is using rental carpet cleaners worth it?

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Came across rental carpet cleaners but not sure whether they work or if you should rent one? Here’s a fact check before you decide. If you accidentally pour something on your unprotected carpet, usually the carpet’s fibres absorb the substance and instantly creates a stain or even sometimes, a smell. Carpet cleaning is an important regime you should keep track of regularly if you own carpets or rent public gathering places. You may have thought of renting a carpet cleaner but check these out first.

  • Money:Firstly, the money factor – renting is considered costlier than owning in the long term. A rental cleaner takes around the same money totalling 5 months of rent if you buy one. So, if you calculate properly, you will see, you are paying more for a one year rent than if you had owned one. Thus, if you require it regularly for 6 months or more, skip renting it.

It’s better to own a carpet cleaning machine than to rent a carpet cleaner. But should you even rent one?

  • Drying time

If you have already rented a carpet cleaner once, you will know this is a fact. Drying time of a rental carpet cleaner typically ranges from a couple of hours to even as high as 10 hours.

Additionally, the drying time increases further for carpets having deep stains, because they take more cleaning liquid for the task. Also, users comment that the carpets have to be kept away from being stamped when they are still wet. All these add up to one conclusion – rental carpet cleaners are not that useful in time-saving and usage aspects.

  • Not the best chemicals provided.

Carpet cleaning solutions are chemicals do more harm than good. Choosing an improper cleaning solution not suitable for your carpet fabric can lead to permanent damage. You may even end up discoloring your carpets. Even if you do plenty of research, you cannot find that one product that is perfect for your carpet. This is because neither the manufacturers of the chemicals nor the carpet disclose all exact ingredients (for product) and fabric (used in carpet). You cannot even predict how a chemical will on your carpet when put into the machine. This is the reason why even patch tests before cleaning a carpet fails often.

  • May be unsafe

Most of the time, you won’t know the previous whereabouts of your rental carpet cleaners. Sometimes,they may have been used in the past to clean apartments which were more nastier than others. Rental carpet cleaners are often used to clean several pet urine and poop, dirty public toilets, sewage backup and even blood. Renting a carpet cleaner will only add up to the chances of acquiring a severe disease or contamination.

The best solution we recommend:

Hire a carpet cleaning professional in your area having certification from government agencies. Do your research well, compare prices, reviews, previous experience of the technician, and certifications before closing a deal.