steam carpet cleaner

steam carpet cleaning cardiff

steam carpet cleanerusing equipment that heats water to steam level has many benefits only one of them is that all most all the smells and bacteria are eliminated from the carpet and it leaves it being so fresh that one could probably eat off it. Furthermore I can dag that cleaning with this sort of machine makes it so much more time efficient and by this I am at the customer house so much less and by this they can get on with their day after I am finished with their carpets.
Also it is worth to add that with steam carpet cleaning one can get so many more types of stains out without using very strong chemicals that are not always friendly for my hands :) besides that I do get customers that wish to have their carpets done without any chemicals as they want them just steamed and have no residues of chemicals left in them.
Additional to time efficiency and chemical use dedication that is very environmental friendly one can also deal with commercial carpets like in pubs or restaurants with so much less time spend on premises and by this greatly reduce possibly costs for customer that would have to have their stuff stay over after hours to assist me with access and such. I will write about further benefits of steam cleaning in further posts.


Sofa eaten by mould.

It sounds stupes to even write about and I can tell you that it is very rare but still take place under some circumstances. I’ve talked a lot about mould and what conditions one had to have in the house to grow mould, it is “man made” problem that should be searched initially in the way household is managed. Few of my friends did have a bit of problem with mould in their houses and mostly they blame landlord, however like most landlord’s and trade people know those issues are mostly caused by tenants that do:
Draying clothing in the house with ventilating house
Not having enough heating in the house
Not ventilating their houses

So after understanding those we can move in to issue of furniture being eaten by mould, main thing to do is to make sure that you don’t have your units close to external walls as they may be cold and by this add to issue of mould development. If you just have to have them there try using dump traps near furniture to lower level of moisture in those spots. I think that if you manage those well you can safe your furniture from bein food for those horrible living things :)


Being good contractor

how one get the contract with Eastate Agent and maintain good relationship that will last years with good outcome for both? It’s not an easy topic as there are many variables to consider under those arrangements. There are few things to consider when working with almost any organization.
Be on time – I don’t have to elaborate much under this one, just be responsible human being that is on time and do the job that needs to be done.
Understand and be understood- I find this to be crucial thing in life as whole. Make sure that your customer is aware of potential outcomes of your cleaning job, as some would be expecting miracles from carpets that simply are not deliverable.
Reasonable price – working with agents have to be a bargain for them as well, as they are there to make profit as well. However in most cases your invoice will be forwarded on to landlord, so your price dors not have to be bottom of the market.

In overall just focus on your results and good timely service and you can’t go wrong. I had few situations that I could not do the job because I had simply no tine on the day, there is not much you can do about it though.


Keeping mould under control or die

I’ve been to many houses and I’ve seen my bit of mould and other, in most cases it is caused by the way household habitants are actually living in them.

Mould is man made

With this in mind one should make himself familiar with few conditions that mould needs to grow and spread it’s toxins( which as a matter of fact can be harmful to humans). For mould to grow in a first place room has to be cold, moistures and without great deal of air flow.
Few ways that people create those conditions in their rooms:
Draying clothing without opening windows
Not having ventilation in the bathroom
Not ventilating the room
Not having heating on often enough

Now if you understand what mould need to grow in your home you can prevent those conditions to be in place, once you achieve dry, and ventilated rooms mould will hate you. Now, if you have some mould you just need to treat it with some good antibacterial chemicals and wash it well. If you’re happy with result and you’ve resolved environmental causes you can paint it off and it should be gone for a long time. I would recommend as a first course of action to asses your home and check if there I’d no outside moisture source.