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Carpet cleaning hire FAQ

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How To Choose A Carpet Cleaning Company?

This is important question for many interested, while searching for carpet cleaners one can see that there are more and more of them on the market. Mainly because costs of starting this sort of company is relatively low, simple search in can show over 100 results. That is why most important to look for is professional cleaning team with experience behind their belt and ideally some professional qualifications in the field.

What Method Should They Be Using?

This is something that may be confusing for some looking in to the carpet cleaners, there are two main methods on the market.

Spray and extract method – this is simply spraying water with cleaning detergent on the carpet and then extracting it with dirt that was on your carpet or upholstery.

Steam cleaning – this is more advance cleaning method that may be more efficient however more costly to hire. using steam with cleaning detergent that is afterwards extracted by created pressure from cooling of the steam.

Carpet Cleaning Solution They Should Be Using?

There are many on the market, there are even those that can be bought from supermarket and used without specialist equipment, however they will not prove effective enough on the larger surfaces and with some problematic stains. Karcher is well known for its industrial focus and reliability, that is why we recommend their products.

Is Rug Cleaning Extra Service?

It will depend on the company you are looking at, at DMcarpet clean we see rugs as additional surface that require additional attention form our cleaning specialists.