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Rug cleaning

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Rug cleaning is one very nice thing to do, mainly because some of them can be simply washed by hand and then extract the moisture by special hoover and then it will be nice and clean. before-and-after-upholstery3



However some other will present with more problematic fibers and sizes as they are great in variety and materials that they are made from. That is why I would recommend to use special detergents for rug cleaning that will be delicate and at this same time will clean your rug with good results. Interestingly enough when you are looking at the rug you should be turning it as well, because only then you can be sure to get all the stains from the rug, if the underlay is still stained then it will come back to surface after some time.

vaxVax Ultra+ Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Solution

I find this to be one of the best solutions when it comes to carpet and upholstery treatments. It will prove to be cheap and effective solution for your rug cleaning. However if you are looking in  to hiring carpet cleaner, I would recommend to have your carpet cleaner to look after the rugs. They can do really good job on those and provide you with much time saving for you and your family.


Spot carpet cleaning

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carpet cleaning 30 03 2012 086

When it comes to spot cleaning you have to be sure that the fibers of carpet and the top of the backing is clean before you move on to next spot. Because if it is not clean then the stain will surface again with time and your job of cleaning this stain may be in veins. 

The only reason that this rug will stay clean is because of this very backing being clean as well. I always recommend checking for those sign when I’m talking to my customers and you should be aware of this if you are cleaning stains all by yourself.


Content Marketing

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Content marketing is very important to viral marketing and to achieve best return on your investment, marketing for small and medium companies is rather difficult thing. As there is no real brand awareness to be maintain and people don’t know your company and without this caching content you may never be heard in the world wide web.

First stage of achieving great return on your marketing is to create strategy that have a clear massage and contain some great idea that will make people wanting to share your content. Do not sell your product!!!. I could not say it any more seriously, content marketing is not about selling your products it is about providing interesting things that will make people want to share it and show it to their friends, that is why Social media are so important for your content marketing strategy.
google plus – it is great tool to share content that is of good quality and you think that you have access to some communities that will be interested in it. Furthermore google plus is becoming strongly integrated with SERP and author rank that is impacting the way people click on the results, so that position is not entirely only determinant of traffic to your website. – is also very good website to share your content, especially if it is containing some interesting images. It is network created by Microsoft and for this reason it will be some important tool in near future:) I just adore anything that Microsoft creates, sorry for that:) Because bing is emphasizing more on the trending searches and time relevance they may start to use socl for updating their results and their access to facebook database will make them more competitive in this area is Google Plus will not show enough active users. – this is one thing that if you get your content and it will take liking of readers will skyshoot your content and its reach will be unstoppable:) it is very good to personalize the content and to get some very relevant things that may prove very interesting as well, google love their relevance.

Other are obvious, like twitter and Facebook. Social media with this very outlook. Above are very interesting for more content orientated outlook, however Facebook may be very good medium. That is why there always should be social plugins available on your blog to make it easy for readers to share.



Green Cleaning

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Cleaning is very detergent intense activity, that is why if you are looking to be more environmental friendly and clean with green products you should continue reading this post.

Green products for your home:

  •   Disinfectant: Mix 2 teaspoons borax, 4 tablespoons vinegar, 3 cups hot water, and 1/4 teaspoon liquid castile soap – you can use it with dampened cloth or use a spray bottle, make sure to wipe clean afterwards.
  • Vinegar for disinfection of mould and other odours.  furthermore vinegar mix can be used to clean glass and other glossy surfaces.
  • vinegarFor wood furniture: use 1 to 1 ratio of lemon juice and olive oil, then simply apply small amount of this on to the cloth and get on with wiping the furniture.
  • Floors – 1 to 4 mix of vinegar and water will be great for cleaning hard floors. You can add some peppermint or lemon oil for a nice scent. Additionally vinegar have great powers to kill much of the bacteria and mites that can be living on your floors without invitation.

Vinegar – as you can see this is one very strong detergent and substance that can be used for cleaning many surfaces in your house, not only it is cheap it will provide great release for the environment and for your consciousnesses about impact on the surrounding ecosystem.