Mold cleaning DIY

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When it comes to mold cleaning there are many things to take in to the consideration, one of them is that mold have a reason to be in certain place, and by simply cleaning it we are not going to get rid of the cause.

Causes of mold existence are numerous, one of them is high humidity and low premature. Once those are improved then mold return will be greatly diminished

Using baking soda for mold treatment can prove to be very effective  simply mix baking soda with water to achieve past like consistency and then robing it in to the carpet with mold will disintegrate some of the particles and after this one can easily remove baking soda simply by hoovering the carpet.

After this using white vinegar with water will fight mold particles left in the area, however for this is good to have some water extraction machine that will the job for us.

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When it comes to other areas of your home with mold, I would recommend using dettol. It is very strong and works miracle on the tiles and bathroom appliance that can be attacked by mold. However I would recommend checking what is wrong with the ventilation system in the bathroom to cause the mold on the very fist place.