Mold Cleaning

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There is one interesting thing about mould that should be taken under consideration, first of all one has to make sure that humidity is low in the house and that the house is warm. This will prevail from the development of those very annoying fungus.

Once those are available in the house then we can start working on the removal of the mould, one thing that will work to remove the smell and the black spots form the carpet is to wash it with vinegar and water solution, however this will require to have water extract hoover.

If you do not have this sort of hoover you can use baking soda system, this is very simple to create. Mix baking soda with water to achieve past consistency, once you have that just brush it in to the carpet to get all the black marks covered, once the solution dries out you can use regular hoover to extract baking soda from the carpet. This process will have to be repeated few times to achieve the results of clean carpet.

mould cleaningTip on the mould removal

  • Remember that mould has a reason to be in the carpet on the first place, one has to remove the reasons to fight it with results. LOW humidity and warm rooms. 
  • Dry wet area immediately, this will prevent conditions favorable for mould to develop.
  • make sure that there is good ventilation of areas that tend to generate more moisture.
  • direct water away from you home –  if there are any areas around your home that tend to gather water around your house then they may be a reasons of moisture in your home.
  • have good air from in your house, this will greatly reduce humidity levels and by this reduce mould build up.