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Carpet Cleaning Solution

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Carpet cleaning is activity that not always require you to invest in expensive chemicals and by this to spend lots of money on those.

Washing-up liquid beats carpet cleaners

It is very shocking to find out that washing-up liquid will beat many socialistic carpet cleaning detergent in fighting with stains and other unwanted things on your carpet. Research proves those by comparative tests, if you are interested in those have a look at daily mail online article with this very title.

The consumer group daubed pale carpet with black coffee, diluted Ribena, red wine, chocolate spread, curry sauce and blood. after letting those stains to dry out testers conducted cleaning process with comparison to some of the best carpet cleaning solutions available on the market. Results where astonishing with not much difference in effectiveness in between tested agents.

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Interestingly washing-up liquid was as good on blood stains and ribena and did the terrific job on the red wine stains as well, this prove that you can do a lot with very limited budget and achieve great results in cleaning your carpets without hiring expensive carpet cleaners, however if you ever require one let us know and we will provide best possible service to you and we ensure that carpets are of best possible look and freshened for your liking.

On the other hand research is showing that some great quality results can be achieved by using some cheap brands of supermarkets, top score is given to Sainsbury’s own Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner spray.