Types of Carpets for you home

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New natural carpet that is allergy-friendly

This new type of carpet is produced from natural jute, a hemp product

gel(Canadian interiors, 1995). This Hemp is grown without use of any pesticides and is completely biodegradable. Thanks to this it is environmentally friendly and by using hemp it provides jobs for people working on hemp farms. This Erutan project is aimed to create other biodegradable carpets, thus saving tons of carpets that are thrown out. Researchers from Erutan project are aiming to create carpet that after usage can be simply shredded and used as a fertilizer or other organic material. This is very good news for environment and also for allergic patience.
Visit erutan.eu for more information on the project.


Woven Carpets are good quality and last for a long time, however for this you have to pay a bit higher price. Woven refers to the technique of making actual carpet and how the fibres are connected .
Tufted – most of the todays carpets are tufted, that is the quickest and cheapest way of manufacturing carpet. Those carpets are created by inserting pile yarm into backing fabric and adding another backing layer.
wool carpetA wool carpet are most used types of carpets and is proven to the best type. It’s springy, soft,easy to clean, will retain the colour and furthermore is flame resistant. When it comes to cleaning wool carpet it is very easy to do and wonderful in results.
Synthetic – those are very good in places where they can be soaked and with young children. Those types of carpets are usually placed in bathrooms to provide best retention of material.

  • Nylon is very hard wearing carpet.
  • Polypropylene is a lot cheaper then Nylon carpet.
  • Polyester it can flattens well.

Carpet underlay can be very good for carpet to prolong their life, also by using underlay one can reduce noise spread in the house and have softer feeling to the carpet installed.

Furthermore when it comes to allergy one should be aware that carpet and upholstery should be cleaned often as they are first line of defense of your household and by this they will absorb lots of dust mites. You can also use tannic acid with your carpet cleaning substances to fight allergies even more effectively (Shape, 2008).

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