Image and content marketing

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Content marketing is very important, to activate your campaign in effective way you have to create strategy that will have clean goals and will allow to see the results from your actions.

Whys to measure your results: remember that this will depend on the content you are aiming to market and strategy undertaken, for me this is measurable.

  • measure visits, and their origins – this can be conducted by using Google analyst and other tools available on your blog control panel 
  • measure your response rate to visits.
  • conversion ration – if this is what you are aiming at.

Those methods are relevant in my case and in most carpet cleaning businesses cases, however when it comes to content marketing one has to be aware that strategy should be tailored to your needs and objectives.

When it comes to SEO, there are methods that will get you more visitors and better position  This is to write content that is valuable for your readers and that will be interesting and likable. However remember to write content that is original in nature and that is showing genuine interest in helping your readers not clearly trying to sell your service on them.

Image usage: Thanks to very interesting article about copyrighting I have realized that images used on the internet have to be carefully chosen and in most cases should not ever be re-posted.

mauntainFor this very reason I started to use some other methods of en reaching my posts: learn to use Photoshop and Maya for creating images.

Yes I know, this have not much to do with carpets, however I’m going to work on less abstract creations and more usable for carpet cleaning. This will take some time and I will enjoy doing this as 3D graphics is one of my interests.