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Getting urine smell out of Carpet

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This is not an easy task, first of all individual with this problem often will not realize about the problem until urine have developed in to some unpleasant smell that cam be very irritating.

DIY methods:

dettolUsing dettol on the carpet can be a way to get rid of the smell, this would be great to use this method straight after the urine have been placed on the carpet. After spraying the carpet with dettol one should give some time for the solution to dried out and hoover afterwards. Thanks to destruction of bacteria by this detergent will be of great impact on the smell factor and therefore should get rid of the smell for good.

Dettol is very good solution do get rid of the smell that one can have problems removing otherwise, that is why it is important to see problem with pee like a bacterial problem rather then anything else.

Vinegar is other great solution for cleaning the urine out of the carpet, however one has to be looking at the possibility that it may bleach the carpet and therefore one should pretest this before actually applying the solution. for this you could refer to my other spot about using vinegar for carpet cleaning. One thing that you should have in mind is that you need to use vinegar of white nature. Once you have it you can mix it with ration of 1 to 2, one being the vinegar and two being the warm water. and there you have the cleaning solution for many smells and many other stains in the house.

Let me know is you have other methods, I’m sure that readers will be happy to see alternatives.


Preventing carpet mold

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Carpet mould is a nasty thing to have in your home, that is why one should be avoided by any cots. I’ll start from giving few reasons how mould can formulate in your carpet and what mound can cause to you and your family.

What conditions are needed for mould to grow in your carpet:

  • mould spores
  • Darkness (mould will not grow in ultraviolet light)
  • Warmth ( mould will not grow in low temperature
  • Moisture (mould love to have some water from leak or other source)
  • Enough time ( mould can grow with in two days if the conditions are right for it)
  • Leaks in the roof can cause increase humidity and problems for your home and walls.
  • Condensation is other source of water, this will take place on cold surfaces in the house.
  • Poor ventilation is obvious cause for mould development.

What mould can cause to you:

  • Respiratory problems can be caused by presence of mould on your carpet (Peat, 2007).
  • Cough and wheeze in healthy people can be cause by mould.
  • Shortness of breath

As you can see mould in your home is rather serious thing to have, and you should be looking in to improving the conditions and removing the mould fastest you can. One could go and hire professional carpet cleaner, or do it yourself with help of some information on the matter. Whatever you chose it is important to get rid of it as fastest as you can.

mould carpetPreventing mould from building up, well this is one thing that you can figure out by now. Simply improve the conditions in your house to prevent mould development and you should be fine. However if you are looking for method to remove existing mould you should be using chemicals with strong enzymes to get rid of it. Other than that you could use vinegar with water, or baking soda recipes that are of good effectiveness.


Peat, J. K., 2007. Effects of damp and mould in the home on respiratory health: a review of the literature. Allergy, 53(2), pp. 120-128.


Risk of Performing DIY Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet cleaning can be done on your own, you can rent a machine or buy one for yourself. However this could have not desired results and by this could prove a bit of money wasting. By renting a machine you could realise that the machine is not very good condition or that simply you are not having technical knowledge to use it in most effective way.

Moving from problems of DIY carpet cleaning, let us just think how nice is to have fresh carpet that is just briskly for your home and family. That is why it is best to have professional clean y our carpets.

Let us go with scenario that you got yourself new carpet cleaning machine from amazon or your local shop, this is great you think “ now I can clean them nice” you say. However after first day you realize that your cleaning results are not of what you have expected and the carpet is not entirely clean with some hard stains still there. This could be cause by the fact that machine itself if not strong enough and extraction is not completely done, furthermore some of the non-commercial  machines are not designed to work for very long time and with strong results. That is why expect that your carpets will require some often carpet cleaning.

carpet cleaningRenting machine could be a better option for your carpets, furthermore one should make sure that cleaning instructions are read and that you actually fallow them tio the letter otherwise it can prove to be dangerous to your carpet.


Adwords vs Gumtree

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Adwords vs. Gumtree for carpet cleaning

What would you do when it comes to choosing method of advertising to your customers, or what would be the method of communicating your massage to the public. This is rather difficult question, marketers divide what  their advertising in to three groups:  paid, owned and earned. Paid is one of the most expensive way to connect with your audience and will require me do develop difference that I see in between different advertisers out there.
When individual is looking at the company they want quality or cheap value, that is what your keywords will show and what website you are using will communicate. Gumtree unfortunately is bringing me only the bronze type of customers, those that are only interested in cheap carpet cleaning and therefore present lowest ROI, however the internet is very interesting thing and I have seen some very good customers also from free index and yelp.When it comes to Gumtree there is much to get from it and it should be learned with most patience and with most humility.


When it comes to adwords I can tell you that it is rather expensive way of advertising and therefore you better have your strategy right and your landing page of high relevance otherwise you could waist mass amounts of money without great return on it. However I’m happy with the results I’m getting from adwords after consulting with Google team , they are very patient people with some stubborn users like me. I really appreciate the entire knowledge I’ha gathered from different sources and I think that one can achieve what ever is in his mind.

However best method to communicate is always with earned, as this will present greatest relevance and positive buzz out there. eWOM is very important to be positive and to be created, social media are great for this very reason, so go out there and create campaign that will work.