Adwords vs Gumtree

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Adwords vs. Gumtree for carpet cleaning

What would you do when it comes to choosing method of advertising to your customers, or what would be the method of communicating your massage to the public. This is rather difficult question, marketers divide what  their advertising in to three groups:  paid, owned and earned. Paid is one of the most expensive way to connect with your audience and will require me do develop difference that I see in between different advertisers out there.
When individual is looking at the company they want quality or cheap value, that is what your keywords will show and what website you are using will communicate. Gumtree unfortunately is bringing me only the bronze type of customers, those that are only interested in cheap carpet cleaning and therefore present lowest ROI, however the internet is very interesting thing and I have seen some very good customers also from free index and yelp.When it comes to Gumtree there is much to get from it and it should be learned with most patience and with most humility.


When it comes to adwords I can tell you that it is rather expensive way of advertising and therefore you better have your strategy right and your landing page of high relevance otherwise you could waist mass amounts of money without great return on it. However I’m happy with the results I’m getting from adwords after consulting with Google team , they are very patient people with some stubborn users like me. I really appreciate the entire knowledge I’ha gathered from different sources and I think that one can achieve what ever is in his mind.

However best method to communicate is always with earned, as this will present greatest relevance and positive buzz out there. eWOM is very important to be positive and to be created, social media are great for this very reason, so go out there and create campaign that will work.