Top Tips for Keeping your Bathroom Clean

premium-frameless-walk-in-shower-screen-1100mmOne of the best ways to save yourself the hassle of a deep cleaning project is to practice simple maintenance of your home every day. This is especially true for the bathroom. Allowing dirt, mildew and soap scum to build up will only result in you having to spend several hours of your precious week-end time knee-deep in grime. Read on for a few helpful tips to keeping your bathroom clean during the week.

Make a Cleaning Kit

Having the right products on hand for a quick touch up will make basic maintenance much easier. Make a small kit with a bottle of your favourite all-purpose cleanser or bleach solution, convenient cleaning wipes and soft cloths; keep it hidden away in your vanity unit or bathroom cupboard.

Reduce Clutter

All those bits and bobs might be useful but they also attract dust and generally make your bathroom more enclosed. Clear off your counter tops and shelves as much as you can, and you’ll have an easier time keeping the space clean.

This is also a good time to consider installing a few extra robe hooks or towel rails to keep things off the floor.

Short Cleaning Sessions

Every time you go into your bathroom, make it a point to put things away, straighten up the toothbrushes, wipe down one surface, or pick up any towels and clothes. The more support you can gather from family members, the better.

Bathroom Rugs and Carpets

There’s nothing worse than a dingy or dirty bathroom rug; make it a priority to have your rugs  professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This will help your bathroom look bright and clean at all times.

Prepare for Deep Cleansing

Help yourself out by preparing for deeper cleaning sessions. Rinse and dry your bath or shower enclosure after each use, and wipe down your chrome bathroom accessories. When the time comes for an actual scrubbing the job will be much easier.


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