Make best use of your old or scrapped carpets

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For everything in the world you have durability factor affixed to it. Once used to its maximum benefit, it tends to wear and tear and becomes a scrap material. Same goes for your carpets also. Once these become old or get damaged, one need not worry to dispose them. In fact these scrap carpets can be reused for your home purpose.  Here we help you with few basic ideas of reusing your old carpets:-

  1. You can use them as foot rugs or floor mats by cutting them into small squares.
  2. Cut your old carpets into various designs and shapes using your creativity and make them as your welcome doormats or even as your bathmat.
  3. If your wall-to-wall carpet is torn off then try considering them as table mats.
  4. If you want to shift or move heavy furniture like bed or sofa, then you can slide down pieces of old carpets underneath the legs and push it across avoiding any damage to the floorings.
  5. If you have damaged plush carpet made of smooth fur, you can consider making soft beds for your pet dogs and cats. We are very sure this will be the best gift to your pets.
  6. If you have concrete flooring in your shed house, then you can use your old carpets to protect your feet during winters.
  7. Cut your old carpets in long length making it look like a walkway in your child’s room.
  8. You can place the carpet pieces underneath the dining table or a fridge to balance the uneven flooring if any.
  9. You can consider covering your Caravan floor if you have one with your used carpet or else you can donate to ones who have one.
  10. Just for fun, you can spread across your garden area or play area for your children to dance around.