Tips for Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets play a major role in the interior decoration. It gives the personal feel and touch of the person who lives in the living space. And the same time it is important to keep the carpets cleaned regularly in order to maintain high level of health and safety of the inhabitants.

Carpets can easily retain dirt, grime dust and germs before it looks dirty. So it is very important to clean them before they get dirty.

1)      Vacuum the carpets at least every week. If you are living in a tropical climate or a town house exposed to city traffic it may require much more frequent cleaning than that. If you overlook the carpet cleaning it will collect the dirt and grime and it would lead to the shorten the life span of the carpet. When the grime and dirt is build up in the carpet it can easily damage the carpet fibers by fraying them. Even if you clean the carpet once a week make sure that you clean around the baseboards and hard to reach areas once in two weeks to prolong the use of the carpet.

2)      Clean the carpets when you can spend plenty of time and attention to it. Never clean your carpets when you are in a hurry. Such an obligatory quick carpet cleaning would not be enough to remove the dirt that are deeply embedded. Make sure to run the vacuum cleaner several times over the same surface area in different directions. Cleaning in such a criss cross pattern will make sure all the grime is removed.

3)      If the carpet is smelly or gives a damp smell, sprinkle some baking soda or a deoderisng product about 15 – 20 minutes before the vacuuming. It will help to eliminate the bad odour. In fact you do not have to wait until the carpet get smelly and fills the room with a bad odour. You can do this once a month even if there is no particular odour in order to maintain the carpet.

4)      If you spill any liquid that may stain the carpet clean them as soon as you can. Do not let the liquid sink deep into the carpet and create a steady stain. If possible try to attend immediately. Maybe if you are entertaining friends or family it will be a little bit rude to clean the carpet immediately but attend to it as soon as you can. When you use a cleaning liquid make sure it will not fade or damage your carpet. First try it on a small spot and see how the carpet reacts to the cleaning product. It is a good idea to do the spot test on some area of the carpet that maybe covered by a piece of furniture such as the coffee table. So even if the cleaning product fades the carpet it will not be noticeable.

5)      If you own a new carpet and plan to apply soil retardants, first of all carefully read the instructions of the manufacturer. Use the products that are recommended for your carpets. These soil retardants are treating the carpet with a chemical layer that helps the fibers of the carpet to resist stains and discolouration. Such treatments definitely lengthen the life span of the carpet. But you have to make sure it will not damage the fibers of the carpet.

About the author: Jane Taylor is an interior designer who is experienced in providing interior designing tips and advices. These days she is writing articles on TV picture frame designs.