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Learn more about Carpet Dye Methods

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Are you thinking of replacing your carpet because of its color injury? Or worried about your carpet color damage and are finding out solutions to fix your repair? Then relax! You need not worry because carpet dyeing technology is readily available at your service. Considered one of the effective and reasonably priced carpet color repair methods, carpet dyeing is a thorough alternative to carpet replacement. It is more convenient to dye the damaged carpets area than to purchase a new one.

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Introducing much improvised dyestuffs and color matching methodologies, these well trained carpet dyeing professionals match the existing carpet color without any difficulty. These carpet dyeing methods help to safeguard carpet life and sustain fiber quality for longer duration.

Introducing various types of carpet dyeing

The different types of carpet dyeing include pre-dye, post dye, skein, stock dyeing, yarn dyeing, space dyeing, extrusion dye, beck dye, continuous dye, and print dye. But the most commonly used carpet dyeing methods in the carpet industry are pre-dyeing and post dyeing techniques.

Pre-dyed methods include:

  • Solution dyeing: it is considered as one of the fastest method to add color to the carpet fiber in today’s times. In this procedure you add a color to the melted polymer before it is extruded.
  • Stock dyeing: This method allows you to Dye fibers in staple form before it is spurned into yarns.
  • Yarn dyeing: Well before the carpets are woven or tufted into fabric, the yarns that are used are dyed first.

Post-dyed methods include:

  • Continuous dyeing: This method of post dyeing is a very popular among residential carpets. This method has an option of dyeing one color or multi-colored at times.
  • Beck or batch dyeing: This type of dyeing involves smaller parts or pieces of carpet to get dyed into solid colors. Segments of carpet are inserted in a heated vat and allowed to absorb dyes that have bright colors.
  • Print dyeing: As the name suggests, a printed pattern is sprayed or rolled onto the carpet face to make colorful designs. One can easily identify this by opening yarn tufts and viewing the yarn shaft. This method is used often with hospitality and restaurant carpet where guest be. Me the frequent visitors.

Nevertheless, these carpet dyeing techniques come as a boon for maintaining and taking good care of all types of residential and commercial carpet spreads.