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Getting an Energy-Efficient Vacuum Cleaner

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A good vacuum cleaner is probably the most important piece of equipment that you need to keep your carpet in good condition. If you fail to vacuum your carpet sufficiently, it will age faster as small particles cut into your carpet’s fibers and soil your floor covering, and this could detract from the appearance of your  or other valuable property. Vacuum cleaners can also be carpet maintenance accessories that consumer a great deal of energy if you fail to look around and find the most efficient models out there.

There are many different parts and functions of a vacuum cleaner where efficiency comes into play, and you should have a look at all of these separate parts of a vacuum cleaner in determining which model is best for you in terms of your desire to consume less energy while still seeing to it that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

Efficiency Features

Some of the aspects of a vacuum cleaner that can be manipulated to enhance sustainability include ergonomics, efficiency of the model at capturing particles, energy consumption, the reparability of the vacuum, and how durable the model is. Naturally, a vacuum cleaner is going to subjected to some rough use, and it must stand up to the tasks you demand of it if it is to continue working through the years and save you from having to run out and buy a new model very often.

The best way to determine if a vacuum cleaner model is efficient is to look out for various ratings from authorities on vacuum cleaner manufacture and function. One good resource for information is The Carpet and Rug Institute, which has a rating system that involves a Seal of Approval. If a model has been given a good Seal of Approval rating from The Carpet and Rug Institute, you can be sure that it is a decent buy in determine of efficiency and functioning.

Other certifications you should be aware of when shopping for vacuum cleaners are CIMS-GB and LEED-EBOM. These certifications are in fact influenced by the Seal of Approval rating system from the Carpet and Rug Institute. However, they also examine certify that a vacuum cleaner properly meets other parameters that track efficiency.

The Advantages of an Efficient Machine

Having an efficient vacuum cleaner will benefit you in many different ways. Generally speaking, a vacuum cleaner that has been deemed “efficient” through one of the rating systems mentioned above is highly effective at removing debris from your home while still operating at low levels of consumption. You might not have put too much thought into the purchase of your in the past, but this type of purchase is actually an investment that will have an effect on the condition of your carpet and the purchases you have to make in the future for new cleaning equipment or carpet maintenance.