Daily Archives: March 13, 2014

Content writing for cleaning Business

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Content writing is very important for businesses everywhere and this should be greatly focused on if you wish to deliver additional value for your audience and potential customers. At the end Google wants one thing from  businesses, provide additional value to readers. That is why I believe that it is important to have blog on your main website that will be great source for your visitors on your niche that you have great deal of expertise.

Additional important aspect of writing content is to have good social network presence, however you have to have some good good follower base or many people having you in their circles on Google +.

Ghost writer – this is one very good thing to have if you have enough budget to maintain this for some time, thanks to outsourcing from India this is actually not that expensive. I have been using those writers to do some blog writing for me without uploading content and it is working out quit well for the money I pay for their writing and they provide good quality content.

How often to write in to your blog – This is rather questionable area and many people have different opinions on this very issue. This is one thing that you should just keep consistent and if you decide to post once a week, just stick to it and then you’ll do great with your blog and grow audience and Google presence.