Painting skirting boards

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This is very tricky thing to pain at your property and should be done with rather great deal of attention, as this is activity that will provide most opportunity to damage your carpet and unnecessarily create more expenses for you in further renovation. That is why this would be planed ahead and make sure to use precocious to protect your flooring and carpets.

Few stages you should be looking in to before starting this painting fun, make sure that all the pain from them is removed and that you have sanded skirting boards before starting process. This will prevent pain chipping off the fresh surface. After you have finished this stage, ensure that your floor is protected for any pain that you may lose while painting.

Protecting your floors – this can be done in few ways, if you are dealing with hard flooring, simply using newspaper on the surface can provide enough protection for you to work freely. However if it is done in presence of carpet then you should be looking in to using low tack marking tape that will offer great help with your job and ensure great results from your nice edges. In some situations you can be able to move carpet from the boards using wallpaper stripping knife.