Hard flooring in Bedroom

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There is a reason why so many bedrooms are carpeted in today’s houses, this is mainly because of the air circulation that is improved by having carpets instead of hard floor. Hard floor is problematic from one perspective, it does not allow for dust and other particles to sink in to it and not to be breathed in by sleeping individual.
hard flooring
This is main issue that is presented with hard flooring, is that all the dust and other pollutants will be freely flowing in the air and by this they can actually cause some allergic reactions and other problems in young or elderly people. It is highly recommended to implement some method of air circulation in the bedroom, one could also add that having pets in the house without carpets will increase possibility of allergic reactions.

Friend of mine has a baby with allergic reactions to cat that she loves and does not see any chance of getting rid of this cat, however ever sense she have placed rug in the room where they sleep her’s child allergic reaction have diminished and this is one of proof that having some sort of fabric on the floor can improve air filtration. On the other hand everybody’s situation is individual and should be treated as such and without any question allergic reaction to pets should be treated seriously and according to doctors recommendations.