What is wrong with Fiat 500 seats

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Have been working with many cars and other types of material, however I can say that Fiat is bringing me many customers and I like what they do to my business with those seats🙂 I have received increased number of orders for this particular model, and after some reading it is proving that many users have this same problem: they just show stains so badly that one is almost ashamed of condition that their seats are after simple water spill.

Fiat 500 cleaning results

 If you are owner of this greatly looking car, I really mean it is very nice car inside and outside. However it’s seats are a bit of a flow for this particular model and Fiat should learn that UK is a island with a bit of rain from time to time and this should be factored in to their design, I don’t mind working with those cars as they seems to be reacting very good to cleaning and I achieve many satisfied customers. However I believe that cars should be designed more with idea that they will last for a long time not only after show room presentation is finished.