Booking your domestic cleaner

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This is something of a problematic manner if you are looking to book someone with very short notice and one can find out that many cleaning companies will charge them extra for this sort of service that is not in regular times or without much notice.

I always recommend my customers to give me enough time, so that I can have my timetable available for their disposal and by this get in best time available for them and suitable for me as well. However sometimes it is not possible, especially after party or some other event that could be requiring immediate cleaning after people making some mess or otherwise you just need your property inspected by your landlord or renting agency that will be coming to your place to see how clean your place is now.

Like you can see at this photo, there was some good party here, and my customer was requiring some immediate cleaning after Halloween if I remember it right. This was rather difficult for me as it was on Saturday. I don’t work on weekends with my carpet cleaning business, because I work in Swansea and this is not finishing until 7 pm at evening. However It was rather big job, with three sets of stairs, which added to some good payoff for the job that at the end I was more then happy to do.

Carpet stains

heavy stains