Hard selling in cleaning Services

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Unfortunately it is taking place with some cleaning professionals to use those techniques on their potential customers and it is greatly unsuitable in my eye to even go this way while dealing with prospects. Something of this methodology is prohibited even over the phone by selling standard organization, unfortunately it is still practiced by some companies that are looking only at their short term profits and not being interested in sustainable nature of their business and benefit for users of their services.

I have read recently about a case of carpet cleaner that have charged account for elderly person for service of living room carpet cleaning, bill run up to £300 for this single services. Company explanation as that it was a subscription charge and that once a year it will be charge with intention of cleaning carpets twice a year. What a horrible history for our industry to read about,

One can see that this is very devious behavior of this particular technician, and company that have allowed to do this sort of act is just outrageous. They have initial stated that carpet cleaning is a free sample and that one will not have to pay anything on the first instance of cleaning and that it is this great initial promotion that is run in customer’s neighborhood.

I wish that this company will go in to insolvency soon and its directors will be in situation to understand that what they have done is very immoral.