Daily Archives: May 10, 2014

Commercial Cleaning Contracts

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What about commercial cleaning, how to get contracts and then maintain them in this part of cleaning business. I personally like organically grown contacts, as those present best long term return on investment and relationships are always better if they bring something to both sides of agreement.

Said that i still think that my networking could be improved significantly to the benefit of my business that could have more customers coming from commercial customer base that is so much leas price sensitive and could generate so much bigger profit margins for me.

For this i think about going to some sort of networking events and figuring our where business that i am interested are networking as well and what is of value for them in a long run, this will require much research and effort on my side. However i am looking to build my network slowly and effectively so that one day i can be good networker with many people that will be happy to do business with me.

I’m not sure what is the best strategy to get commercial customers, I can only think about some trade shows, cold calling of which I’m┬ánot a biggest fun as i know how irritating those people on the phones can be sometimes. This is something that i will have to read about.

I would appreciate any suggestions from my numerous readers and subscribers, I am thinking that developing network with any professionals will bring me great insights in to how people are making business and possibly new business ideas that I will be working on in future.