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How to protect your carpet from getting dirty?

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protecting carpet from dustHow do you protect your carpet from getting dust and other unwanted particles on your possession, this is one very effective way to have it done and you will certainly have no one actually stepping on it and leaving any stains that could lower the value of your beloved carpet.

Really, is that the only way?

Well obviously this is not the best way, one could have some other methods in place. I’ll list some of them here:

  • have slippers for home use only
  • hoover oftenly
  • no pets in the house ( I know that this may not be an option, however it saves a lot of dirt in your carpet)
  • use refreshing powders and antibacterials that will fight dust mites

Those things will certainly keep your carpet cleaning and first of all you house looking and feeling fresh, one should be always priority. This is to feel good in your home and make it as pleasant for your family, however you cannot clean your carpet every day if you are working full time and are looking after kids. This however does not have to take place. Make sure that not much is brought from outside, this would be greatly managed by a rug at the hall and carpet in the hallway will require often hoovering.

Hallway is most heavily stained area for many reasons, one of them is that there is simply heavy traffic there and many outsides traffic is coming through there. That is why there should be some good quality rug there.