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content marketing for carpet cleaning company

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google-plus syumbleupon

Have anybody ever heard about those two, well it is rather essential tool for your content marketing if you are looking to be successful and make some impact. I will not be writing about facebook and twitter as those are widely written and I don’t see how I can contribute much more in this area without mentioning Google+ and Stumbleupon.

I think that google plus is a great place to get some ideas and to gain understanding of your niche market that may have many influencers and trends in it. It is rather interesting to see communication on those communities that would have your professional colleagues in it. Google plus is not so much about customer base I think it is more about those professionals and other that are interested in your particular niche that can contribute something to your business and understanding of how it is all done.

I’ve gained some good connections from google plus and to be hones amount of knowledge those people are representing is just amazing, I love what google is doing to create this type of service. Furthermore stumbleupon is very good source of traffic and potential social sharing, as they have many active users that are stumbling non stop. It is so addictive this thing you should try it if you have never.