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Satisfaction is everything

satisfaction is of interesting nature, from one perspective you have be aware that customers will always have some sort of expectations about results, I found it to be best to simply inform them of what can be expected. And ideally make it what below of what you think you can actually achieve as it will be best way to make them really happy about this results.

I however know that some stains will simply not go, I’ve learned from years of experience that customers can have very realistic expectations and those are great, however some other will have inflated idea on what carpet cleaner is capable to achieve. Luckily majority of people are very realistic and I get great rage of satisfaction from jobs that I conduct on daily bases which is great satisfaction for me. I do like what I am doing, I dk like to work with some horrible stains as this will give me nice photos of before and after and those are good for website and facebook page which I think brings lots of new customers.
Life is way tk short to do things that are not bringing satisfaction to your life on daily bases. Do what ever makes you happy and you’ll be happy in the end.
I think that goal is only a journey and should be treated like that as what you do from A to Z is your life and nothing more.


Cleaning Blood

Cleaning blood from carpet is not an easy task, mainly because of oxidation effect from blood and that after it will dry it will bind with carpet fabric. That is why it is necessary to moisture carpet before you can actually start working with carpet.  I had a pleasure of working with this type of stain for some time and I can say that it takes some time to get them out of carpet especially if you are dealing with big stains and wool carpets. WP_20141109_09_09_13_Pro
blood cleaning
I do like to clean this sort of carpets as they produce nice before and after photos :) however it may not be that much fun if you need to do it yourself and you don’t have commercial interest in front of you.

First stages for you to undertake is to moisture the stain, if you have under your disposal some ammonia it will be greatly beneficial as it will help to soften your stain and then you can extract it with washing carpet cleaner. Using baking soda will be good as well, however baking soda will be most beneficial to clean afterwords and to extract any moisture out of carpet that will be great way to get rid of smell along the way.

I love using ammonia and some other antibacterial chemicals that add this nice super kill to bacterial development.

Good luck for everybody dealing with those stains.


Car seats Cleaning

We have been operating in carpet and upholstery cleaning business for many years and one thing that I’ve noticed is that not many companies provide mobile valeting service that would be cost effective and efficient for customers. Without much of marketing I am getting good amount of business for those sort of services, and I can see a gap there that could be expanded on in future business ventures. There is great bit of satisfaction from work that I do, I especially appreciate bits when upholstery or carpets are getting nice look after I work with them.

car seats cleaning cardiff

car seats cleaning cardiff










That is why taking photos is a big part of what I do before and after some jobs, however it may be a bit of frustration generating activity as sometimes you can see that results are great and much dirt was extracted. Unfortunately not everything can be captured with photo, maybe my photo taking skills have to be improved. This however is not an issue when it comes to working with most carpets as results are still appreciated by my customers and this is most important aspect of it all.

Customer satisfaction is most important and serving more and more customers is my aim in what ever business venture I am in.


Cleaning offices and pubs

This is certainly one very good way of creating new customers and bay this expanding your business, as commercial customer will have business coming your way numerous times. In respect of getting commercial customers it is mostly through internet as those people dont really have much time for other sources of information gathering. Online marketing is very important, saying this I can certainly say that I did get some commercial work off leaflets and recommendations as well. To be frank I love getting new customers through recommendations, it is best way to see that I am simply good with what I am doing.







It will certainly come with some rather hard things to clean, I don’t mind doing those more time consuming carpets as I know that it will be beneficial in future and I can get some great looking photos as those are always looking so nice and make me feel so good about my job.

Commercial jobs are the best thing to get in many respects as it will save you lots of travelling between smaller customers to achieve this same return from marketing efforts. At the end of the day this can only generate more business in future, however I do like domestic customers as they are always fun to talk to new people and be in new places. It all have pros and cons. I can recommend that one should get contracts with letting agents as those will provide jobs over the time and will be hopefully good payers as well, some agents take forever to pay.