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water condensation

Water condensation

water condensation It’s not a rocket science yet so many people are still surprised that they have water condensation and moisture in their houses and flats. First thing to know is that it is in most case scenario man made problem, were it is not it still can be resolved without breaking the bank.
Few pointers to start from:
Don’t dry your clothing in door ( if have no other option, make sure that windows are open and it’s warm)
Keep your home warm and draft it for god sake
Don’t place furniture close to external walls

Why so many people still are surprised that they have smelly carpets caused by moisture I am still amazes if not the fact that I only know what I know from experience and reading. Without this I had no idea and I was guilty of doing all the things that should not be done. With above advise it should be easier to get rid of smell and visible problems of condensations in your home, just have in mind that it all is caused by cold walls no air exchange and excuses moisture being generated.
So keep it all dry, ventilated and warm. All the best in journey.


Car cleaning in outside rain

I have been doing car seats cleaning for some time, and I can say that it can be a viable business even in a country like uk with all it’s rain and other things that can be in the way. With all the downside of working outside I don’t mind doing it from time to time. I found this to be bst done in a summer months though as chances of rain are lowest and drying time is best. I have been thinking of building a business that would work only with remote car cleaning. However I have to rethink some of my business ventures more and give them some true momentum as there is a lot mot to achieve if one wants to.
I have been so stagnant recently and it has been frustrating me on so many levels, I know now what to do with all those thoughts in my mind to get it moving.
Once I’ll get my next property I’ll be moving ahead with new projects that will bring more experience and connections to build more in future. As I believe that there is a lot to learn in this universe and outside of it. If you only think what a insignificant beings we are in very insignificant position and we value our decisions amd problems with so much weight, we think of them as if they were so important. Nothing is important,jl just do what you want to do and strive for your dreams.


begining of the year for carpet cleaners

it’s not an easy time for any self employed person that has a business that is affected by seasonality, I found it to be rather slow at the beginning of the year this year and it is natural for my line of business from what I have learned. The way to deal with all that is to stay positive and have projects to deal on side when you are not working. What I mean by that is to plan for this months as they will only be few of them and before that Christmas you most likely had no time to have loafs of sleep or anything.
What I can say that beginning of the year or this quiet months are great to use to plan rest of your year and work on website example or new venture that will benefit you in future. I can see that developing your business model and talking with other people in the business can help a lot as you’ll learn what they are going through and that you are not alone, as being self-employed can be very lonely place to be at.
What I am going to do in February is to get a new hmo and to develop my website a bit to have better organic position. And what I found to be great is to listen podcasts while on cardio machine and write up blog posts, this way I can kill three birds with one bloody stone. Wondering for how long I’ll stay so motivated for positivity.