Daily Archives: February 29, 2016

Water condensation

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water condensation It’s not a rocket science yet so many people are still surprised that they have water condensation and moisture in their houses and flats. First thing to know is that it is in most case scenario man made problem, were it is not it still can be resolved without breaking the bank.
Few pointers to start from:
Don’t dry your clothing in door ( if have no other option, make sure that windows are open and it’s warm)
Keep your home warm and draft it for god sake
Don’t place furniture close to external walls

Why so many people still are surprised that they have smelly carpets caused by moisture I am still amazes if not the fact that I only know what I know from experience and reading. Without this I had no idea and I was guilty of doing all the things that should not be done. With above advise it should be easier to get rid of smell and visible problems of condensations in your home, just have in mind that it all is caused by cold walls no air exchange and excuses moisture being generated.
So keep it all dry, ventilated and warm. All the best in journey.