being friendly and friendly

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Is it possible to be both, something that I am working on constantly. However it is a nice thing to work on as I like to chat to people and being professional is coming east for me as I think that it makes life a lot easier for everybody around. That is why being good on communication is easy for me as I see it as a very foundation of what is needed for good human interaction.
Besides I think that being friendly brings better results from this one area that is so crucial for a business and that is recommendation from your customers. This way I can strive on those and grow my business with many more customers that will be satisfied from what I’m doing for them. I hope that more customers will be finding me good and this way I’ll eventually build my business to have constant flow of regular customers. Thus would be great for my satisfaction from what I’m doing. And this will allow me to go ahead with other projects that could be beneficial for even more people in Cardiff.
I like Cardiff and think that there is great potential here for many ventures.