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improving quality of life

carpet cleaning

You may think that it’s a joke that carpet cleaning can improve your life, buy it’s fair to say that there is a lot to it then simple statement. It’s a matter of fact that by cleaning your carpet you can significantly improve quality of air in your house, this is a significant factor that will help if respiratory issues are in place. There is one article on this on my website, I can say in short that if you clean your carpets in bedroom on regular bases you can expect that air circulating in the room will be of a lot better quality.

It helps to clear the mind
It is well known fact that after cleaning one just simply feel a lot better and feels like a bice thing to have our own house clean and tidy. I do agree strongly with notion that having clean surface will allow you to have clear mind and picture of your life, maybe bit of overstretch. But then again what is life without believes that make our life easier and more pleasurable. I have plenty of them and I want to build more empowering world around me, so why not clean carpets and my house often so that feel good in it.


Am i working fir landlord or tenant?

This is something that is of interesting nature, when doing end of tenancy carpet cleaning are you working for tenant or for landlord. At the end of the day tenant is the one paying but landlord will be the one with problems if job is not done correctly.
I think that in this sort of situation main focus is on making landlord happy and tenant to pay you in accordance to job on hand. I’ve been working for many tenants and I can say that end result is very important but amount of time spend on the carpet is not that essential. Were if you work for a house occupier solely sometimes the time and care will be of greater focus for receiver of services. I know that sometimes one can do carpet in really quick time and still have good results, but bot all recipients of services will be aware of it in this context and they think that one has to spend great amount of time on thing to have them clean.
Were sometimes having that much time on the carpet can be actually detrimental to it as amount of moisture in them will be to great. That is why it is important to have right balance of time and efficiency in what ever you’re doing.
Work smart not hard.


What if they don’t answer?

This is something i have been dealing from time to time, and I’m not sure how to deal with it best. I always text at least 20 min before arriving so that my customers are aware of my journey and I don’t waist none’s time. This in most cases works well for me and even my customers are very happy to be informed of my arrival as they don’t have to worry if im a bit late. I even sometime save loads of time, as some tell me that they have something that game out and they can’t meet me for our carpet cleaning appointment.
However what one can do if not able to find a house or no one is responding to a door bell, and no one is responding the phone. This is hardest case that I experience as there I’d not much to do then just simply move on to next customer. I had this situation few times in past, in some cases people just had their phone on silent or just somewhere left. I find it so hard to comprehend how one could have not see phone ringing, but that I’d only because I have yo have phone close to me all the time.
With this all in mind, just text them and keep on communication. Stay positive


build family not a team.

When growing a business many focus on the notion of team in their business and they see rightly that strong team will bring success to their business. I can say that well cooperating people in a team are good for business, however I would argue that creating a sense of caring family and gloss blonds can be so much more effective.
That is why i emphasis that people in organisation should feel like a part of family that care for each other and for their customers. As I can say that Richard Branson is very right in saying that employees are mote important then your customers. Because if you take care of your employees they will be happy with the place they work in and by this they will be more creative and helpful to customers as they’ll feel that it is right thing yo do. I use to work for an organization that was working on a similar principle, and it is working well on employees morals. I’m not sure if that can be achieved in a large organization. I want to make sure to create in future large organization with good environment in it that people will be proud to work in and will want to say that they are happy to work there.