Daily Archives: May 2, 2016

build family not a team.

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When growing a business many focus on the notion of team in their business and they see rightly that strong team will bring success to their business. I can say that well cooperating people in a team are good for business, however I would argue that creating a sense of caring family and gloss blonds can be so much more effective.
That is why i emphasis that people in organisation should feel like a part of family that care for each other and for their customers. As I can say that Richard Branson is very right in saying that employees are mote important then your customers. Because if you take care of your employees they will be happy with the place they work in and by this they will be more creative and helpful to customers as they’ll feel that it is right thing yo do. I use to work for an organization that was working on a similar principle, and it is working well on employees morals. I’m not sure if that can be achieved in a large organization. I want to make sure to create in future large organization with good environment in it that people will be proud to work in and will want to say that they are happy to work there.