Am i working fir landlord or tenant?

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This is something that is of interesting nature, when doing end of tenancy carpet cleaning are you working for tenant or for landlord. At the end of the day tenant is the one paying but landlord will be the one with problems if job is not done correctly.
I think that in this sort of situation main focus is on making landlord happy and tenant to pay you in accordance to job on hand. I’ve been working for many tenants and I can say that end result is very important but amount of time spend on the carpet is not that essential. Were if you work for a house occupier solely sometimes the time and care will be of greater focus for receiver of services. I know that sometimes one can do carpet in really quick time and still have good results, but bot all recipients of services will be aware of it in this context and they think that one has to spend great amount of time on thing to have them clean.
Were sometimes having that much time on the carpet can be actually detrimental to it as amount of moisture in them will be to great. That is why it is important to have right balance of time and efficiency in what ever you’re doing.
Work smart not hard.