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Sofa eaten by mould.

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It sounds stupes to even write about and I can tell you that it is very rare but still take place under some circumstances. I’ve talked a lot about mould and what conditions one had to have in the house to grow mould, it is “man made” problem that should be searched initially in the way household is managed. Few of my friends did have a bit of problem with mould in their houses and mostly they blame landlord, however like most landlord’s and trade people know those issues are mostly caused by tenants that do:
Draying clothing in the house with ventilating house
Not having enough heating in the house
Not ventilating their houses

So after understanding those we can move in to issue of furniture being eaten by mould, main thing to do is to make sure that you don’t have your units close to external walls as they may be cold and by this add to issue of mould development. If you just have to have them there try using dump traps near furniture to lower level of moisture in those spots. I think that if you manage those well you can safe your furniture from bein food for those horrible living things 🙂