Cardiff is growing

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Cardiff is an amazing place to work and live in my opinion I like it here so much. With all the green space that is here and lovely people one could not ask for any better place to be located at. There are some downsides, one of them is that this place is very expensive to be living in.

Cardiff city centre
I can say with company honesty that it is nicest place I have ever lived in, but park is one amazing place to go for a walk and just spend nice relaxing time there. And there is so much more to visit, museum is rather lovely as well. I did go to few of them in here and London is by far best. But London is one large city with population and tourism that can sustain massive museum. With everything that is great in this city I’m not surprised that so many people would like to be living here and big houses here. And there are so many more houses being built at the moment t in here and so many flat apartments which I don’t think are going to slow down taking in to consideration how many students are living here and will be over the years to come.