Growing carpet cleaning business

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I have been faced with this dilemma for some time as I have been working 12h a day recently and it is getting rather difficult to have work life balance and I’m not sure how to grow my business with constant maintenance of quality that I deliver to my customers as it think that’s the most important aspect of any business I don’t want to just grow business with my quality deteriorating as my business is everything to me as it’s my name and so many people ring me up and ask if I’m Darius and they want to talk to me as they know I’m good with what I do and they heard about me  from their friends.

It’s hard to say how I am going to go about it and I think it will take me one time to find someone that I can completely trust and let them go with the business and  take on some more jobs. I do have one associate that I’m thinking that will be good and I hope he will prove me right with every weekend that works with me and finally I can get him to work with me full time and eventually on his own with equipment and so on. That would be amazing to have business grow this way.