Working and social distancing.

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I think it is fair to say thaT WE ARE LIVING IN VERY STRANGE TIMES WITH THIS WHOLE PANDEMIC GOING ON AROUND NOW AND MANY PEOPLE BEING CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS AND REST the country/world. I have to say that nothing like that I ever though would be possible with current level medical science and how well we have hear with NHS. However i think that drastic situations require drastic actions, and those actions are being  undertaken by almost all the nations on the planet. I have been very lucky to have my family her and I know that they are in good hands if their health fails in any way.

Going in to the meat of this post, i can certainly say that it is rather difficult situation for many people and i have been working my utmost to understand this whole situation and that people are just concerned and under great stress. That is why when ever i am not in empty property i make sure that certain distance is kept from my customers and that I always make sure to wear mask when i am in the house with people. Luckily  most of my work is in empty property, hence contagion is not an issue and i am certain that I will not be infecting anyone in case I may be a-symptomatic.