Covid 19 and how we work in those challenging times

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With this situation being as challenging as it is and with so many unknowns at the moment we all are trying to figure out  how to function with safety in mind for all of our customers and our family members. Most of all we obey social distancing rules recommended by the government and it looks like a good way to combat the spread of this virus. Besides that we are also using chemicals that are specially designed to kill viruses of this peculiar nature, this is completely free of charge as we understand that those times are difficult for everybody and most of all we have to look after our health and safety. 

Besides the above we are also washing our equipment with far stronger chemicals, so that there is no spread of any contagions between households we work at on a daily basis. That is why we take a bit longer on site then usual as it all takes time to conduct in a theral manner. This is all in place to enhance our safety measures and to be in line with government’s recommendations so that we can curb the spread of this element.

Thanks to using of very strong chemicals we do have complete confidence that we are offering best possible disinfection to our customers and their households so that they stay safe to the extend it is possible in given situation.Thanks  to  our  great  suppliers  we  have  an  access  to   those  great  chemicals. Covid19 chemicals