Daily Archives: April 27, 2020

Social distancing

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I use this blog to mostly write about carpet, upholstery cleaning and other cleaning related topics that people may find helpful. However the most recent situation with this whole virus thing is making other things very interesting, as of recently we have been put into semi lock down by our government and ordered to keep social distancing. As it is sort of easy in certain situations, in others it is very difficult to be doing that all the time, shopping is rather challenging as people just use lines as they meant to be used and go about their shopping, some people more than others are far more respectful of those 2 meters that all meant to be separated by. I think that this whole situation is going to be in place for a very long time as it is very new and many people just don’t know what is best for their health and well being of those in their family. That is why I try to be respectful of people’s space far more now then I would be otherwise, as people are just concerned and we all need to take it day by day I suppose.

In light of situation and even recent announcement from No 10 it does not look like much loosening of restrictions will take place in near future. However it looks like more and more retailers are opening their door to publick and hopefully it will start a positive trend of change to more normal functioning where people can still make money and feed their family as it is going to be a tremendous issue once those restrictions will be completely lifted. Furthermore it looks like many people are growing frustrated with current situation and are starting to question this narrative and numbers being represented by officials.