Is it safe to clean house after person had a Covid19

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In  light of most recent situation one can certainly be concerned to work with houses that had a case of Covid19 or other flue virus for that matter, we as professionals have to still do our work despite of great misinformation on the matter and severity of this particular virus. I think that certain levels of appreciation for people’s concerns and just have in mind social distancing and fact that people are concerned about their health and their families health. There is more and more data coming out to show that this situation is going to make things very difficult on economical level for whole bunch of people and in many countries far more then UK will ever be affected by this recession that is on its way.

I have been in situations where customers asked me to explicitly keep distance and wear a face mask, with which in some situations i cooperated with others I said that it is probably far better to not be on premises if there is someone that is very vulnerable to have flue.  I can appreciate that people can have compromised immune system and they can catch what ever is going around, this flue or any other virus for that matter.

For the matter of going to the household that had a Covid19 case in it, I am completely not concerned about it all as I did have my seasonal flue already and cant be that concerned as I am rather of strong immune system and I just simply always wash my equipment after job is done and make sure that I ware overalls as I would always do without exception as that is just part of my proves that I engage in.  And in this situation I highly advice for people just to look after their own health and if you thing you can be immune compromise then probably it is not best to be risking and just going to households with this cost of risk being in the air. Just wash your hands often,  don’t touch your face with your hands of gloves, do not touch your phone while working, and your pockets.


Stay safe and healthy