Will carpet cleaning kill moths?

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Cleaning carpets can be great way to make sure they are nice and fresh for far longer then they would be without cleaning or just hoovering them ever so often. Carpet moths can be an issue with especially organic carpets like wool or otherwise as they will literally eat through them without any discrimination if you let them roar. Rather often there will be higher prevalence of them being in the houses near woodlands or just open land. For this very reason one needs to be mindful of what is going under their furniture as that is where they will be most likely if they are in your house.

When I work with any sort of biological issue I use far stronger antibacterial chemicals and always having in mind aftereffect of increased moisture in the environment as it can be problematic in a long term. In addition to chemicals my process is also involving high temperature solution which is already very effective in fighting any bacterial or living matter that can be in the carpet.

With this in mind one can certainly be reassured that carpet moths situation will be significantly improved after cleaning, however I always recommend to my customers to also use some sort of traps after the treatment to reduce population to zero as carpet moths can also be in the furniture and carried around in clothing if case being of them licking wool greatly. Similarly as it is with flies being originating from animals or humans it is always recommend to also use other repellents after treatment as only carpet cleaning may not get them out of clothing, furniture or walls for that matter.

Clean your carpets and keep your family safe from dirt and smelly carpets.