How not to clean carpets.

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I think it is fair to say that I come across many instances of stains that have been treated by my customers before I had a chance to get there and their initial actions have made it rather worse then it could have been. That is why I always ask my customers to not do anything before my arrival to the stains as they can very simply make things far worse. It is most common when stains are on would carpets and especially those very new carpets that people just feel much attached to and want to make sure they do their utmost to make the carpet like new again.

Do not rub them.

This related to instances of those wool carpets, do not rub them with any brush or cloth as it will soften the fabric and can eventually create fluff on the carpet and simply change the texture of carpet that you’re dealing with. I do use brush, but they are specially designed brushed that are not harsh to the carpet and I soften the carpet before I start work with it.

If it is a wool carpet, do not put any baking soda or salt on it.

This happen often actually when people have some sort of spillage and they thing that baking soda or salt will help with moisture extraction, which may be the case but it will as well possibly damage the carpet in the process as wool carpets are rather sensitive to agents like that.

Don’t iron your carpet.

I have seen that often in case of attempts to deal with wax on the carpet or some sort of stains like that. Just don’t do it as it is rather easy to forget how hot the iron can get and melt your carpet.

Don’t cover carpets

This happen sometimes and it may be very problematic in a long term, after the spillage people would place a towel on them or some soft of cloth. where it would work on hard floor it does not work on carpets as it completely stops carpet from breathing and in course drying.