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How not to clean carpets.

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I think it is fair to say that I come across many instances of stains that have been treated by my customers before I had a chance to get there and their initial actions have made it rather worse then it could have been. That is why I always ask my customers to not do anything before my arrival to the stains as they can very simply make things far worse. It is most common when stains are on would carpets and especially those very new carpets that people just feel much attached to and want to make sure they do their utmost to make the carpet like new again.

Do not rub them.

This related to instances of those wool carpets, do not rub them with any brush or cloth as it will soften the fabric and can eventually create fluff on the carpet and simply change the texture of carpet that you’re dealing with. I do use brush, but they are specially designed brushed that are not harsh to the carpet and I soften the carpet before I start work with it.

If it is a wool carpet, do not put any baking soda or salt on it.

This happen often actually when people have some sort of spillage and they thing that baking soda or salt will help with moisture extraction, which may be the case but it will as well possibly damage the carpet in the process as wool carpets are rather sensitive to agents like that.

Don’t iron your carpet.

I have seen that often in case of attempts to deal with wax on the carpet or some sort of stains like that. Just don’t do it as it is rather easy to forget how hot the iron can get and melt your carpet.

Don’t cover carpets

This happen sometimes and it may be very problematic in a long term, after the spillage people would place a towel on them or some soft of cloth. where it would work on hard floor it does not work on carpets as it completely stops carpet from breathing and in course drying.


Most common questions I get asked

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 How long will it take to dry?

That is one of those questions that can’t be answered rather straight forwards as it will depend on on few factors. First of all it depends on type of carpet, as some carpets will dry with in 1h after the treatment and they don’t require much time to be given. Secondary factor is amount of treatment required on the day, as if it is heavily soiled it will need loads of attentions as going over it and agitation tends to get treatment rather deep in to the carpet with this in mind a lot of moisture will go into the carpet.

In summary I can fairly say that it will be 1h to up to 12h to dry if right conditions are achieved in the house.

Do I have to remove everything from the room?

This is rather often if customer is still living in the house I am about to work, however there is no need to remove completely everything from the room, as rather often i can work around the furniture and move certain things with in the room.

Are the chemicals you use safe for children / pets?

This is rather common that people are concerned about toxins in their lives and I applaud this question as it is showing they care about their dogs or cats, I am big dog lover and just adore my two creatures. Chemicals that I use are biodegradable and are not used in a concentration to be harmful in whomever lives in the house, as in process of cleaning most of the chemicals are also removed so there is completely no danger. Only situation when those would not be safe for dogs is when dog would try to drink them, but that is a case with most of the chemicals I would say.


Lock down on the gym use

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With this resent situation most frustrating situation is that gyms are not available to be used, and that is something that I dislike most about recent few months or weeks (it feels like months now). I have been training a lot in the house and it has been working well for me, but still with this limited amount of training I do not have a luxury of eating as much as I have been eating before so that is why I am fasting a lot now and eating only every second day at this stage. I do find it is very good for my focus and overall health I would think at this stage, and I do intent to proceed with it till at least I’ll be back at full days in few weeks I hope. Not long and shops will start reopening and things will start going back to normal. 

With this in light I can see more and more thing mentioning something of this social distancing being orsant at least for another year or so, however with more and more texts coming out It is clearly shown that many people has been exposed to the virus and have already immunity to it and I don’t think that vaccine will change that much in light of some countries already achieving herd immunity. Places like Sweden and some other countries in Asia are proving to be functioning very well without introducing this whole lockdown measure. 

With time more and more data will be coming out and by this we will understand how it is all functioning and how we can protect our community and families from this invisible enemy. I hope that with time people will understand that best way to protect from it is to stay healthy and just go along with their lifes in a sensible manner. 


What’s the best way to clean paint of carpet

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Pain is never an easy element to fight and one has to most of  all not let it dry, as it will make any further steps very difficult to execute. Dry pain of whatever nature is next to impossible to remove with home remedies, that is why you need to use wet towels to prevent it from drying if you’re off to the shop to get some sort of wipes or paint softeners. However one has to be careful with any pain softeners to be used on carpets as they may prove to be damaging on the carpet and by leaving a lighter spot on it then it was there originally. So do a test patch first of all on an area that is not greatly visible, and second of all do not rub the spot with a hard brush of  any kind as this may and most likely will damage the carpet pile and leave a horribly looking patch on your carpet that does not match rest of it at all.


 If you are however dealing with an emulsion pain, then you have an easier task on your hand. But the first action is as usual, meaning not let it dry. Then simply use wet cloth and hoover to extract any paint and be patient.

In many instances using white spirit may be very effective in removing pain from the carpet, however one really has to be careful if there is no discoloration from using it. Because some of the carpets can respond really badly to this sort of agitation, and make sure you don’t rub in to the carpet as sometimes with wool carpet you may get a change in texture or just fluffing of the carpet.