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Carpet cleaning Companies in Cardiff

There are many carpet cleaning business in Cardiff an cosine from Bristol that franchise in to Cardiff. I’ve worked with some of those companies that work over the internet booking and they charge ridiculous monay  for carpet cleaning. I’m not sure how come people actually pay those Mon at when they can research and see that there is good quality service for a lot less money but I suppose it’s the way it is. As every time I work for those big company I leavin my own business card and there is great chance that they will ring me instead of the company that they’ve contact initially.

There are few lovely based companies that also have few teams of technicians and those are really good quality companies to use as they have powerful equipment and some overheads that are not as big as those other busienss that start marketing at £10 per room pricing structure.  I dont particularly apprecoat those model of business ad they I feel underprice carpet cleaning services. I start My services at £30 a room and this way I can provide high quality services and make sure that everything I deliver very good results, one can see it from all the positive reviews I receive all the time over 100 of those online now a days.


Growing carpet cleaning business

I have been faced with this dilemma for some time as I have been working 12h a day recently and it is getting rather difficult to have work life balance and I’m not sure how to grow my business with constant maintenance of quality that I deliver to my customers as it think that’s the most important aspect of any business I don’t want to just grow business with my quality deteriorating as my business is everything to me as it’s my name and so many people ring me up and ask if I’m Darius and they want to talk to me as they know I’m good with what I do and they heard about me  from their friends.

It’s hard to say how I am going to go about it and I think it will take me one time to find someone that I can completely trust and let them go with the business and  take on some more jobs. I do have one associate that I’m thinking that will be good and I hope he will prove me right with every weekend that works with me and finally I can get him to work with me full time and eventually on his own with equipment and so on. That would be amazing to have business grow this way.


build family not a team.

When growing a business many focus on the notion of team in their business and they see rightly that strong team will bring success to their business. I can say that well cooperating people in a team are good for business, however I would argue that creating a sense of caring family and gloss blonds can be so much more effective.
That is why i emphasis that people in organisation should feel like a part of family that care for each other and for their customers. As I can say that Richard Branson is very right in saying that employees are mote important then your customers. Because if you take care of your employees they will be happy with the place they work in and by this they will be more creative and helpful to customers as they’ll feel that it is right thing yo do. I use to work for an organization that was working on a similar principle, and it is working well on employees morals. I’m not sure if that can be achieved in a large organization. I want to make sure to create in future large organization with good environment in it that people will be proud to work in and will want to say that they are happy to work there.


How to get in to big businesses

I have been thinking of this for very long time and I can say that it will not be easy to those that are not extravert in nature. But one has to remember that we in most cases are not what we think we are. If you enjoy what you are doing you’ll find a wat yo develop and grow with you mission. Most important thing is to have objective that I’d focussed on satisfying pain point of your customers.
Pain point – that’s a new notion for me as well, but let me take you trough it step by step. Customers have to have a reason for using you, sometimes they may not know about it yet and they may use with dome promoting (Facebook advert for example can be used for this very thing). Once you identify what is painful for your target customer then you have to find way to solve it and make your customers see the value over your competitors. Estate agents can be different the regular office space that you’ll be targeting, so understand what they want most out of you. I can say that bein active with influencers may not be best way around carpet cleaning industry. However bein active on business forums in your local network can work great for networking and showing your professional nature. Breakfast clubs are also amazing for getting new business and more ideas.