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Learn more about Carpet Dye Methods

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Are you thinking of replacing your carpet because of its color injury? Or worried about your carpet color damage and are finding out solutions to fix your repair? Then relax! You need not worry because carpet dyeing technology is readily available at your service. Considered one of the effective and reasonably priced carpet color repair methods, carpet dyeing is a thorough alternative to carpet replacement. It is more convenient to dye the damaged carpets area than to purchase a new one.

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Introducing much improvised dyestuffs and color matching methodologies, these well trained carpet dyeing professionals match the existing carpet color without any difficulty. These carpet dyeing methods help to safeguard carpet life and sustain fiber quality for longer duration.

Introducing various types of carpet dyeing

The different types of carpet dyeing include pre-dye, post dye, skein, stock dyeing, yarn dyeing, space dyeing, extrusion dye, beck dye, continuous dye, and print dye. But the most commonly used carpet dyeing methods in the carpet industry are pre-dyeing and post dyeing techniques.

Pre-dyed methods include:

  • Solution dyeing: it is considered as one of the fastest method to add color to the carpet fiber in today’s times. In this procedure you add a color to the melted polymer before it is extruded.
  • Stock dyeing: This method allows you to Dye fibers in staple form before it is spurned into yarns.
  • Yarn dyeing: Well before the carpets are woven or tufted into fabric, the yarns that are used are dyed first.

Post-dyed methods include:

  • Continuous dyeing: This method of post dyeing is a very popular among residential carpets. This method has an option of dyeing one color or multi-colored at times.
  • Beck or batch dyeing: This type of dyeing involves smaller parts or pieces of carpet to get dyed into solid colors. Segments of carpet are inserted in a heated vat and allowed to absorb dyes that have bright colors.
  • Print dyeing: As the name suggests, a printed pattern is sprayed or rolled onto the carpet face to make colorful designs. One can easily identify this by opening yarn tufts and viewing the yarn shaft. This method is used often with hospitality and restaurant carpet where guest be. Me the frequent visitors.

Nevertheless, these carpet dyeing techniques come as a boon for maintaining and taking good care of all types of residential and commercial carpet spreads.


How to make your Home Carpets Spic and Span

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Though carpets make your home look good, it does bring in an additional responsibility of maintaining the same. Once you take proper care, you can be rest assured that your carpet is well maintained for another 10 to 15 years. You need not worry about its look and durability as it receives the necessary care and maintenance allowing you to feel comfortable. It also refreshes your surroundings by improving your indoor air quality.

It is quite easier to clean your carpet once you know the right technique and methods used sparking-carpetsin cleaning. All that requires is a little knowledge about how to select the exact carpet cleaning products and the correct method to clean the carpet. Right from the spot cleaning to permanent cleaning solutions, one can easily handle the carpet maintenance work for your house.

We help you with few effective cleaning solutions that can make your carpet look better and lasts longer.

Maintaining external texture

It is very difficult to avoid foot traffic on the laid carpets. But one can use small rugs or foot mats where the foot is heavily used i.e. near the chairs or sofa areas. While vacuuming these major carpet areas, always remember to remove rugs or mats for better cleaning effects.

Prevent Crushing

Crushing mainly occurs due to heavy foot traffic resulting in loss of pile thickness. Regular vacuuming can prevent lesser crushing on carpet spread.

Avoid depressions or indentations

Indentations are caused by heavy furniture weights that are placed on the carpets. Some depressions may remain permanent. So it is always advisable to move heavy furniture using furniture glides or cups to avoid any depression and also to move your furniture backwards or sideways so that weight is not put in one single place.

Prevent Color Loss

Avoid direct sunlight access to your carpet fabric, as it may lead to color fading. Vacuuming your carpet is the best result in retaining your carpet color texture.

Avoid Soiling

Regular dusting and vacuuming can prevent adding up of dust particles which make your carpet area look dull. Frequent cleaning provides an added caring for your carpet spreads. Also using foot rugs or mats at the doorstep can prevent major soil deposition on the carpet spread.

Avoid spills over

Though most of the carpet manufacturers guarantee stain resistant feature, it does require care and regular cleaning. It is always necessary to remove spots and spills immediately and regularly.


Learn more about Carpet Fibers

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Most of the Carpets are made of fiber material. These fibers determine the sturdiness, look and cost in the market. While there are various methodologies in the making of these carpets, few ones which are commonly used are the ones that are woven or needle-felt, or embroidery, or knotted or tufted. The final outcome mainly depends on these carpet types in a way they are made. It sounds interesting to know more about the fibers that are used in the making of these decorative carpets.

Nylon Fiber

Nylon material is the most commonly used fabric for carpet making. It is considered as one of the flexible of all the fibers available in the market. Nylons provide finest variety in creating best designing styles. One of the main characteristics of Nylon fiber is that it is susceptible to dyeing giving it more an opportunity to display in many shades of colors.

Polyester Fiber

Polyester techniques are good options for small to medium settings like bedrooms. These fibers are considered as value for money and give you the best styles. One need not worry about the stains and color fading part as these naturally come as a resistant. With the new technology involved in the making process, polyester fibers have come a long way providing an outstanding smoothness and color clarity.

PTT (Triexta Polyester) Fiber

PTT (Polytrimethylene Terephthalate – Triexta) is a polyester fiber used to produce carpet yarns. Though this fiber is inexpensive, it lacks stain resistance technique.

Polypropylene Fiber – Popularly known as Olefin

Though Polypropylene Fiber has a fair review for style and color options, it is rated as an excellent stain resistant fiber for making carpet. Even considered as an inexpensive fiber yarn, Polypropylene has got excellent texture retention characteristics.


Make best use of your old or scrapped carpets

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For everything in the world you have durability factor affixed to it. Once used to its maximum benefit, it tends to wear and tear and becomes a scrap material. Same goes for your carpets also. Once these become old or get damaged, one need not worry to dispose them. In fact these scrap carpets can be reused for your home purpose.  Here we help you with few basic ideas of reusing your old carpets:-

  1. You can use them as foot rugs or floor mats by cutting them into small squares.
  2. Cut your old carpets into various designs and shapes using your creativity and make them as your welcome doormats or even as your bathmat.
  3. If your wall-to-wall carpet is torn off then try considering them as table mats.
  4. If you want to shift or move heavy furniture like bed or sofa, then you can slide down pieces of old carpets underneath the legs and push it across avoiding any damage to the floorings.
  5. If you have damaged plush carpet made of smooth fur, you can consider making soft beds for your pet dogs and cats. We are very sure this will be the best gift to your pets.
  6. If you have concrete flooring in your shed house, then you can use your old carpets to protect your feet during winters.
  7. Cut your old carpets in long length making it look like a walkway in your child’s room.
  8. You can place the carpet pieces underneath the dining table or a fridge to balance the uneven flooring if any.
  9. You can consider covering your Caravan floor if you have one with your used carpet or else you can donate to ones who have one.
  10. Just for fun, you can spread across your garden area or play area for your children to dance around.