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Cleaning offices and pubs

This is certainly one very good way of creating new customers and bay this expanding your business, as commercial customer will have business coming your way numerous times. In respect of getting commercial customers it is mostly through internet as those people dont really have much time for other sources of information gathering. Online marketing is very important, saying this I can certainly say that I did get some commercial work off leaflets and recommendations as well. To be frank I love getting new customers through recommendations, it is best way to see that I am simply good with what I am doing.







It will certainly come with some rather hard things to clean, I don’t mind doing those more time consuming carpets as I know that it will be beneficial in future and I can get some great looking photos as those are always looking so nice and make me feel so good about my job.

Commercial jobs are the best thing to get in many respects as it will save you lots of travelling between smaller customers to achieve this same return from marketing efforts. At the end of the day this can only generate more business in future, however I do like domestic customers as they are always fun to talk to new people and be in new places. It all have pros and cons. I can recommend that one should get contracts with letting agents as those will provide jobs over the time and will be hopefully good payers as well, some agents take forever to pay.


Commercial Cleaning Contracts

What about commercial cleaning, how to get contracts and then maintain them in this part of cleaning business. I personally like organically grown contacts, as those present best long term return on investment and relationships are always better if they bring something to both sides of agreement.

Said that i still think that my networking could be improved significantly to the benefit of my business that could have more customers coming from commercial customer base that is so much leas price sensitive and could generate so much bigger profit margins for me.

For this i think about going to some sort of networking events and figuring our where business that i am interested are networking as well and what is of value for them in a long run, this will require much research and effort on my side. However i am looking to build my network slowly and effectively so that one day i can be good networker with many people that will be happy to do business with me.

I’m not sure what is the best strategy to get commercial customers, I can only think about some trade shows, cold calling of which I’m not a biggest fun as i know how irritating those people on the phones can be sometimes. This is something that i will have to read about.

I would appreciate any suggestions from my numerous readers and subscribers, I am thinking that developing network with any professionals will bring me great insights in to how people are making business and possibly new business ideas that I will be working on in future.


10 Commercial Window Cleaning Tips

Window cleaning sounds like a time consuming, monotonous task but it’s actually a lot easier than you may think. With the right tools and methods, window cleaning can be both time efficient and effective. In this article I will provide you with a number of tips that will help to keep your office windows sparkling clean.

Never clean windows in direct sunlight

You should never wash, clean, or polish windows on a sunny day; the reason for this is that direct sunlight causes a quick drying effect which will result in unsightly water marks that can be tough to remove. These marks will also make your windows appear dirtier than they were before you started cleaning them.

Avoid using sponges

While it’s important that you use the correct tools, it’s just as important that you avoid using the wrong ones. A sponge isn’t the best tool to use for cleaning windows; this is because they are prone to catching dirt and debris which will then get scraped across the glass. While the results of using a sponge may not appear instantly, over time the scratches may result in the damage of the glass.

Clean and polish your windows on a regular basis

Regularly cleaning and polishing your windows will help them to stay cleaner for longer. Clean and shiny office windows will also make your business more appealing.  Make sure you use a clean duster to polish your windows; otherwise you will defeat the object of cleaning them.

Use a telescopic pole to clean high commercial windows

When cleaning high commercial windows, make use of a telescopic cleaning pole, this will allow you to safely reach areas you never thought were possible.  If you are cleaning a two storey building, a six meter cleaning pole is ideal.

Use your squeegee sideways

When using a squeegee, rotating it sideways can make a significant difference to the end results. This will force water to flow downwards rather than spilling out of the edges. Before using your squeegee, make sure it’s free of any dust, dirt or debris.

Don’t forget to clean the edges

This is one area that people tend to neglect when cleaning windows. As you use your squeegee you will notice water gathering around the edges, if this area is left untreated, this can cause unsightly water marks and problem areas.

Make your own solution

If you are struggling to find a cleaning solution, you can get great results using the following: 1 cup of vinegar mixed with 6 litres of water. Alternatively you could try combining 1 cup of ammonia with 3 cups of rubbing alcohol.

Clean one area of the window horizontally and the other area vertically

Cleaning one area of a window using horizontal strokes and the other area using vertical strokes will allow you to identify any areas of the window that are streaking.

Consider hiring a commercial window cleaner

If you are too busy to dedicate time to cleaning your windows, commercial window cleaners can complete the job efficiently using all the right tools. Before choosing a commercial window cleaner, ask other businesses for recommendations, if they are willing to risk their own reputation by recommending someone then they must be good.

Make sure all equipment is clean

Before you start cleaning your windows, it’s important to make sure that whatever equipment you choose to use is clean, otherwise you will just spread more dirt and debris onto the windows, making them even worse than before you started.



Ways to Select Best Carpets for Commercial Purpose

While setting up your office area, it is very important to have a good ambience with well furnished setup, proper lighting, comfortable working area, along with efficient aeration. One of the major elements of office décor is selecting the best carpet that will go with the office theme. The most essential technique to understand the basic element of carpet usage is to know your requirement that would best suit your budget.

WP_20131021_002Five major things that you have to consider while selecting office carpets are:-

  • Calculating Foot Traffic

Though office carpets will have rough usage with lot many visitors, it is always best to find a good quality carpet.  If the traffic is higher, then one can go for extra durable and strain free carpets that provide better quality life for their carpet rugs.


  • Chalk out Budget Plan

Office Carpets are something that will be used and worn to its maximum extent than any other office equipments. While investing on your office carpet, it is always wise to invest on good quality that will give you best look and last long without any wear and tear reason in the near future. Considering these aspects it is better to decide on the cost that will suit the carpet budget.


  • Consider Various Carpet Types

Nylon, Polypropylene, and Olefin are the most regularly used fibers for commercial carpets. And Loop, Carpet Tile, or Cut Pile is the most common types of Carpet Construction. To help you figure out best carpet types for your office space, any professional Carpet suppliers available in the market will do the needful.


  • Must have Style Comfort

Style is the essence of any office décor. Same goes while selecting the best quality of carpet spread for your office space. Choose Color, design and shape that sync with your office furniture, walls, and on the whole anything and everything that’s present in the office. Giving your carpet a style statement can create better impression among your staff and business clients.


  • Consider Change over factor

With time over, carpets tend to tear. It is important to consider the fact to either replace or invest in another carpet spread. One has to estimate the budget and process involved in changing carpet all over again.


Though all these carpet laying features bound to make your workplace look better, they do also create the first and the last impression that will benefit your business functionality.