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content marketing for carpet cleaning company

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google-plus syumbleupon

Have anybody ever heard about those two, well it is rather essential tool for your content marketing if you are looking to be successful and make some impact. I will not be writing about facebook and twitter as those are widely written and I don’t see how I can contribute much more in this area without mentioning Google+ and Stumbleupon.

I think that google plus is a great place to get some ideas and to gain understanding of your niche market that may have many influencers and trends in it. It is rather interesting to see communication on those communities that would have your professional colleagues in it. Google plus is not so much about customer base I think it is more about those professionals and other that are interested in your particular niche that can contribute something to your business and understanding of how it is all done.

I’ve gained some good connections from google plus and to be hones amount of knowledge those people are representing is just amazing, I love what google is doing to create this type of service. Furthermore stumbleupon is very good source of traffic and potential social sharing, as they have many active users that are stumbling non stop. It is so addictive this thing you should try it if you have never.



Customer review delight

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free index reviewI am very delighted to receive yet another positive review from customer that I have served some time ago, I think that this is very good for my business and for potential customers that will be looking in to selecting their technician for carpet cleaning. Furthermore I am very happy to receive customer domain link for my carpet cleaning business

I think that customers should be using review websites to make more informative decision on there contractor selection, this is not an easy task. Because there are many tradesman in Cardiff that are advertised in many places and not always enough information is available on them for customer to make informative decision.

One day I am aiming to become best carpet cleaner on freeindex for UK, this would deliver lots of satisfaction for the job I am doing and it would be fantastic to be saying that I am best company in UK according to freeindex reviews. on the other hand I am not sure what review website is mostly used by potential customers as there are so many of them and it is easy to get dilute in the vast amount of them. I am still looking in to this issue, and asking people what business review sites they are using, however customers are rather not aware of many of those websites as most people are using simple Google search that presents simplicity and convenience of searching everything in one place.

What do you think about this issue?



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Recommendation checking is part of accurate research that should be undertaken by anyone that does not have much information about trades man that they are going to 
hire. reviews of carpet cleaning companies

Here is example of some companies in Google search, this is presenting how important are reviews for customers. Google main focus is on quality results and they are open that those companies that have more positive reviews will appear higher in search resulting pages. That is why many companies are trying to stimulate those reviews and get their friend to drop review for their business. However Google is very good at caching those attempts and would delete those irrelevant reviews shortly afterwards.

People search for information about company can also try other review websites, like or even that is getting more aggressive on online marketing and other activities in this area. Because they are loosing much business to other online marketing houses like Google or bing. This is only good news for users, as thanks to this they will be getting better results and services for what ever they are searching and are after.

I think that veracious research about company should start at Google, just typing in company name will provide much data that is stored by massive Google servers that can make or break companies image.

If you have any other suggestion, please let me know in comment section. I would love to hear your opinion.


What you need to start cleaning business?

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This is very often question when it comes to starting any business and should be considered carefully before one sets for this exiting journey.

Experience, money, connections, training, degree Cardiff

Please do not full in to those traps of holding yourself from doing what you wish to do.

Experience – this is one thing that stops many people and should not be one of the things that is going to stop you, what ever you wish to achieve there is always someone that have done something similar or have done something that you can model your actions on. That is why you should always strive to networking and talking to as many people as you can about your idea, this will give you advantage of verbalization and reflection on what you are planning to achieve.

Money – nothing further from reality, many businesses have started with very little money, and those are only a problem if you wish it to be a problem. use your credit cart, or some friend to borrow you money or what ever other means you think are available for you.

Connections – this is one of the things that would be beneficial to have before starting your business journey, however any professional will tell you that starting business is something that will present you with building great network of connections and meeting new people that you will be surprised how  willingly they will provide help.

Degree, training – I don’t need to tell you that many successful people have started their business without degree or any other training, one friend of mine have guided me to read great book Rich dad, poor dad. This book have changed my view on many things, but primarily on education and how misleading this can be for many people that would like to achieve financial freedom.