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Do it yourself tips on carpet cleaning and many other things related to marketing and things like working with home detergents to achieve best results.


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fire place and mirror Decoration of your rented property is very important, you do not want to have something that is decorated to fit your taste and something that may be very unappealing for other potential tenants. It is very important on the first impression to make sure that it is neutral and will be bright as this is one very important aspect. Especially if you are looking for some good tenants that will bring you good business and long stay. I have seen many properties in my line of work and I can say that those that are bright will tent to keep your tenants in it for long and making your rental prospect looking very good for future.

At the end of the day carpets are going to be very important in creating this bright and fresh look of your house, bright carpet can help however you may want to avoid those in some types of properties as heavy foot traffic may total destroy your nicely neutral look of the carpet. In some student houses you can see those creamy carpets looking just horribly and you are probably aware why they are in this sort state. Student do not belong to cleanest group of tenants and they will be leading rather active social life with many people coming in and going out and by this you may face reality of rather dirty carpets that will be requiring often cleaning by carpet cleaning specialist. I can Say that blue or brown carpet are very good, you can get some colors that will be looking neutral and will last for ever at your rented property. Most important sometimes is for your property to be looking clean even if it is not totally clean and thanks to this will maintain this fresh look.

It is good to do some research before making final decisions ont he decoration theme of your property, if you have female friends use them. Ladies are a lot better in those things then man.


Selecting your Tradesman

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Choosing your contractor can be a bit of intimidating task and one should always do the research before even making phone call. Because I know about this tendency very well I always implement recommendations on my website, making them easy for potential customers to find I optimize my chances of being selected.

Dariusz Krak

Dariusz Krak, cleaning carpets

Recommendations from Facebook are always great, if you are using Facebook correctly you can reap benefit of this service and additionally if you are customer searching for you trades man on Facebook can show some valuable images of his work and furthermore some additional information on how he did on his previous jobs.

I know that many new customers of mine have checked me on Facebook before even picking up phone to book the appointment and this is only showing that potential customers are doing their research before hand and by this they can know what to expect. If you have some very good position on some review portals, then it will be fantastic for future business.

On the side of Customer searching for professional, you can find most reviews on and other services. Some business claim to be number one on some review websites, however often those websites would help only few companies in their niche and this being not very comparable metric for customer.

If you have any recommendations in this matter, simply leave your comment.



Home Improvement

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When it comes to this issue one has to remember that home improvement projects are very important to sleep on, do not be rushed in to and be ware of hard selling techniques sometimes used by trades people. Sometimes those sales people would be very skilled in rushing you in to making decision with their hard selling methods that may be rather hampering for your common sense to pick up on things that may be not very beneficial for your house value, like:

  • contractor may be inexperienced for the project
  • May not have enough time to undertake your project and will be jumping from job to job to wrap up most customers in shortest time.
  • may be demanding payment at front, avoid those. rather pressure your contractor on installments payed at the end of project so that he will be motivated to finish your project on time with in budget and to make you happy with results.
  • Make sure that he will produce gantt chart for your project, to which you can hold him accountable to some degree.









Recommendations very important to consider when ever you are choosing your professional, make sure that you get them from your future contractor and have a look in to them yourself so that you can make sure that they are real. find those with project most similar to your own and this can be very good indicator how this will present your perspective with individual that will be working at your home.


Good luck and do not jump in to project without systemic research.


Painting skirting boards

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This is very tricky thing to pain at your property and should be done with rather great deal of attention, as this is activity that will provide most opportunity to damage your carpet and unnecessarily create more expenses for you in further renovation. That is why this would be planed ahead and make sure to use precocious to protect your flooring and carpets.

Few stages you should be looking in to before starting this painting fun, make sure that all the pain from them is removed and that you have sanded skirting boards before starting process. This will prevent pain chipping off the fresh surface. After you have finished this stage, ensure that your floor is protected for any pain that you may lose while painting.

Protecting your floors – this can be done in few ways, if you are dealing with hard flooring, simply using newspaper on the surface can provide enough protection for you to work freely. However if it is done in presence of carpet then you should be looking in to using low tack marking tape that will offer great help with your job and ensure great results from your nice edges. In some situations you can be able to move carpet from the boards using wallpaper stripping knife.