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Will carpet cleaning kill moths?

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Cleaning carpets can be great way to make sure they are nice and fresh for far longer then they would be without cleaning or just hoovering them ever so often. Carpet moths can be an issue with especially organic carpets like wool or otherwise as they will literally eat through them without any discrimination if you let them roar. Rather often there will be higher prevalence of them being in the houses near woodlands or just open land. For this very reason one needs to be mindful of what is going under their furniture as that is where they will be most likely if they are in your house.

When I work with any sort of biological issue I use far stronger antibacterial chemicals and always having in mind aftereffect of increased moisture in the environment as it can be problematic in a long term. In addition to chemicals my process is also involving high temperature solution which is already very effective in fighting any bacterial or living matter that can be in the carpet.

With this in mind one can certainly be reassured that carpet moths situation will be significantly improved after cleaning, however I always recommend to my customers to also use some sort of traps after the treatment to reduce population to zero as carpet moths can also be in the furniture and carried around in clothing if case being of them licking wool greatly. Similarly as it is with flies being originating from animals or humans it is always recommend to also use other repellents after treatment as only carpet cleaning may not get them out of clothing, furniture or walls for that matter.

Clean your carpets and keep your family safe from dirt and smelly carpets.


Dust Mites and your flooring

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House dust mites can be a serious problem that one should be dealing with once carpets in the house are left unclean for a long time, especially if asthmatic reactions are present in kids (Peat, et al., 1996). It is proven from research above that there is positive relation between dust mites and asthma severity,  in conclusion of research it was provided that reducing house dust mites presence will significantly reduce childhood asthma.


carpet and allergic reactions Further research is showing that dust mites are not a major issue in the bed mattress, those will be lest responsible for allergic symptoms in kids. It’s hard surface flooring and carpets that are main attractor of allergens and especially hard floor that would not be trapping dust and other irritants. Where carpets have this tendency to trap dust and other particles in its structure and by this be much more friendly in the household with kids that may have some respiratory issues that have to be watched (L.G. Arlian, et al., 1982). There is much research proving that carpets are still best solution to have in the bedrooms and in living room that would attract much traffic and by this could be softer in breathing thanks to having those lovely creamy carpets ( a bit sarcastic on front of creamy carpet, try not to have those as they are very difficult to maintain clean over the time).


I’m sure that main thing that you are going to care is health of your family and you should consult doctor if there is any need. However from above research it is proven that clean floors will improve kids asthma reactions.




L.G. Arlian, P., I.L. Bernstein, M. & J.S. Gallagher, P., 1982. The prevalence of house dust mites, Dermatophagoides spp, and associated environmental conditions in homes in Ohio. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 69(6), pp. 527-532.

Peat, J. K. et al., 1996. House dust mite allergens. A major risk factor for childhood asthma in Australia.. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 153(1), pp. 141-6.



House Dust Mites

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Those lovely beings love to be in our houses, cosmopolitan nature of them makes them very active in our nice and worm houses. They are feeding on the organic matter and are very small animals, measuring only 0.4 millimeters and they have eight legs. Those tiny guests in our houses are rather hard to see and one needs at least x10 magnification glass to see them on the black background.

Unfortunately they does not only bring life to our house  they also can cause some problems with allergies and with asthma at some people, that is why we need to talk about methods of getting rid of them from the house. Most typical symptoms of allergies caused by dust mites are: sneezing, infected eczema skin and watering eye, runny nose; and clogging in the lungs.

Methods to get rid of the mites

Most important is to make sure that humidity levels in your house are below 50%, second of all there is much recommendation to hoover your carpet on frequent bases and to make sure that any pillows and mattress are washed often to. Because dust mites are living on the organic matter, one should take under consideration how many people living in the house and adjust to this frequency of hoovering and then the frequency of having your carpets cleaned with professional equipment that will extract soil from the carpet of will steam clean the carpet.

Dust Mite Management:

  • avoid furry of feathered pets
  • reduce air infiltration – reduce access of air with possible pollen.
  • select appropriate furniture – furniture that is easy to clean from  dust.
  • lower humidity – reduce good conditions for the mites to live.
  • often vacuuming – reducing availability of the organic matter.
  • dusting – this will make sure that much of the organic mater is vacuumed and by this provide less food for the house dust mites.
  • air purifiers – research from university of Texas-Austin is showing that HEPA air filter are much more effective at moving dust then ion-generating types of filters.

Types of Carpets for you home

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New natural carpet that is allergy-friendly

This new type of carpet is produced from natural jute, a hemp product

gel(Canadian interiors, 1995). This Hemp is grown without use of any pesticides and is completely biodegradable. Thanks to this it is environmentally friendly and by using hemp it provides jobs for people working on hemp farms. This Erutan project is aimed to create other biodegradable carpets, thus saving tons of carpets that are thrown out. Researchers from Erutan project are aiming to create carpet that after usage can be simply shredded and used as a fertilizer or other organic material. This is very good news for environment and also for allergic patience.
Visit for more information on the project.


Woven Carpets are good quality and last for a long time, however for this you have to pay a bit higher price. Woven refers to the technique of making actual carpet and how the fibres are connected .
Tufted – most of the todays carpets are tufted, that is the quickest and cheapest way of manufacturing carpet. Those carpets are created by inserting pile yarm into backing fabric and adding another backing layer.
wool carpetA wool carpet are most used types of carpets and is proven to the best type. It’s springy, soft,easy to clean, will retain the colour and furthermore is flame resistant. When it comes to cleaning wool carpet it is very easy to do and wonderful in results.
Synthetic – those are very good in places where they can be soaked and with young children. Those types of carpets are usually placed in bathrooms to provide best retention of material.

  • Nylon is very hard wearing carpet.
  • Polypropylene is a lot cheaper then Nylon carpet.
  • Polyester it can flattens well.

Carpet underlay can be very good for carpet to prolong their life, also by using underlay one can reduce noise spread in the house and have softer feeling to the carpet installed.

Furthermore when it comes to allergy one should be aware that carpet and upholstery should be cleaned often as they are first line of defense of your household and by this they will absorb lots of dust mites. You can also use tannic acid with your carpet cleaning substances to fight allergies even more effectively (Shape, 2008).

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