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Feng Shui

carpet cleaninghow about this for clean space, it is not really. this is what Feng shui would see as a rather messy and cluttered space that is not very beneficial for calm environment and the one that could enhance someone’s spirit.

At the end of the day clean space and less things are actually very healthy and I can see a point tin this type of philosophy, I would like to develop notion of clean space and not having many things that are only occupying the living environment. It like that with many things that we buy over the course of our life, we buy to have so that one day we can use and then we buy some more so that we can update. How many things in your home were used only few times and then just simply thrown into some dark storage space that will never be looked again at. In my case I’ll be moving out soon and by this I’ll have great opportunity to clear some of my living space from all the rubbish that I have under my bed and in surrounding living space. I will be looking to furnish my new place in a manner that will promote open space and little clutter.

lighting in bathroom Primarily I would like to improve lighting in my new place that I’ll be buying soon, this is going to be so existing. I have seen this place recently, and this customer of mine had professionally designed flat with some fantastic lighting and just amazing look. I would love to have design done by this gentleman’s landlord that have created this immense flat.


Feng Shui

This a totally new theme for me to write about, however in recent days I have noticed what a big difference is to have some certain things in my room and house in order that i hampering and makes me feel more in harmony.

This page will be about colors in your house and how those can effect your living and feeling in those four walls of yours.

Yellow – Earth Element

This is very active color that you can have and is striving for cheerful and bright living space, I am personally big fun of lively colors as they always work well for me. furthermore this color is great when it comes to room that are lacking some natural light and by using this in the room for furniture one can achieve brighter looking atmosphere.

Green – Wood Element

This is one of the things that can significantly brighten your room and add some live to your living room or other spaces in the house. It is also associated with new beginning and vitality, which in space where you wish to be productive will work in your benefit. It is important to use several different grades of this color to maximize its effect on you.

Orange – Fire element

This is fantastic color for social gathering (living room area) and office, as it is showing to intensify social interactions and conversations. it is color that should be used as a decoration color and not as a entire furniture, and it is not a color that will be suitable for all the rooms. Using this color should be limited to living room, kitchen, play room and kids room. I am personally big fan of this color in a living room, this will make social gathering more intense and playful.